Wordless Wednesday – October 10

Sailboats - San Diego, CA

$9 Jeans… Fantasy turned into reality for this bargain-hunter!

I thought finding cute jeans for $9 was something like finding a unicorn on my patio. Probably not going to happen. I kept hope alive and last Saturday was my lucky day at My Sister’s Closet here in San Diego.


Okay, so maybe these aren’t over the top glamour-jeans but for $9– I’m okay with that. My original idea was to use these to make “distressed jeans”. I had a plan to use sandpaper, razor blades, a scissors and possibly bleach to make these a little more interesting.  I’ve worn them a number of times already this week and now I’m not so sure I want to ruin a good thing.  After all– fabulous $9 jeans… like finding a unicorn!

  • My Sister’s Closet
  • 8610 Genesee Avenue #200
  • San Diego, CA 92122
  • Phone: (858) 455-0045
  • Web:  www.mysisterscloset.com


Wordless Wednesday – May 23rd

Welcome… USS San Diego



Pure Boutique – by the Hillcrest sign

Pure Boutique is indie and hip with a bohemian splash combo. You’ll find some well-made and cute dresses here for an advantageous price. Better yet it’s easy to find– right by the famous Hillcrest sign! They get new arrivals every two weeks so there is always something “new” at Pure.

Pure Boutique

451 University Avenue

San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: (619) 294-7873


I had a great time shopping here. The staff was friendly and helpful without being overly pushy. I found some amazing coconut jewelry priced from $15 to $64. The gray dress pictured below $78 and the beige dress $52. So while this may be a bit more than my typical thrift store finds– still not way over the top pricing. And they do have a sale rack priced anywhere from $5 to $10. Live a little… and shop on.






Wordless Wednesday – February 22nd

Balboa Park, San Diego
Balboa Park, San Diego

miss match – A retail therapy gem

miss match

4932 Newport Avenue

San Diego, CA 92107


When you need a little retail therapy stop by miss match along Newport Avenue by the beach. Colors pop! There was a tray of fantastic bangles by the check-out marked $3. Excellent!

I walked thru the door and was dazzled by the beautiful accessories and cute handbags. I’m in the market for a new purse and this was a great place to “check out the sights.” You can see the amazing brown bag I found in the photo below.

The earrings and necklace selection was delightful. And colorful for that matter. I found an impressive selection of dressy clothes too. I really feel like I did experience retail therapy at miss match. (next time I have a bad day I’ll just go shopping. Bravo!)






The Black Bead – Happy 19th Anniversary!

The Black Bead

5003 Newport Ave.

San Diego, CA. 92107


Lucky me– I received a surprise email from The Black Bead in Ocean Beach. This awesome shop is celebrating its 19th anniversary! I was the lucky recipient of a 20% off coupon. Woohoo!!

I purchased the light blue pendant pictured below for just $12 over the weekend.  It will look great with summer dresses and t-shirts.   As you can see from my photo– there are a lot of beads and jewelry supplies to choose from. This is one of those places you could spend hours in and totally lose track of time.

Happy shopping!!