Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Sunset Cliffs. What a pretty view.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Another beautiful sunset at the beach.

Time for Summer Retail Therapy at My Sisters Closet

Hello Everyone!  As far as I’m concerned, there’s no therapy like retail therapy. What better way to beat the heat than in an air-conditioned store, right?!

Why not unwind with a little retail therapy at My Sister’s Closet located in the UTC neighborhood of San Diego.  My co-workers came back recently from a quick lunch break with several fantastic “finds” and were kind enough to let me take some photos. Look at this really cute Juicy Couture wallet that LD scored for a mere $17.


This wallet is so cute… why hide it in a purse??!


Okay…but wait, there’s more… KC scored three (yes, you read that right– three!) super amazing tops for a grand total of approximately $22 out the door.  These are bargain friendly tops that can take you from workplace to wine tasting on a budget.


Hopefully there will be something left in the store for me….  🙂


This blue top will be so pretty on a summer day. And the fluttery coral top pictured below is perfect to wear on a hot day.  Like I said, hopefully there will be a few cute things left for me.  Cheers– and happy shopping!


Wordless Wednesday – February 29




Wordless Wednesday – February 22nd

Balboa Park, San Diego
Balboa Park, San Diego

Valentine’s Day deals…perfume… earrings… Oh Yum!

My favorite mall is Westfield UTC– it’s easy access to shop during my break at work and just a fabulous mall in general. Imagine my excitement when I came across the Retail section in todays San Diego Union Tribune and found such great deals to be had at the 11 Westfield Shopping Centers in the San Diego area.

Here is the link to the full set of deals for this week:  www.utsandiego.com/malls0207   (these deals come out weekly on Tuesdays I plan to stay tuned!)

I noticed lots of Valentine’s Day type deals to be had this week– Ben Bridge Jewelry giving away chocolate with the purchase of a $99 diamond heart pendant thru February 14th and Forever 21 is offering free perfume with a $50 purchase.   Best yet– Kay Jewelers is offering $90 diamond heart-shaped earrings for a mere $24.99!

Shopping in the  Westfield malls never looked so good. Whether you’re shopping for someone else or on the look-out for a bit of your own retail therapy the deals are out there.  Personally,  I’m really thinking about those $24.99 earrings at Kay Jewelers.

From Trash to Treasure

I write a lot about dumpster diving. But what about the stuff you can find parked out in the alley near the dumpsters? Imagine my excitement when I spotted a cute little barrel type container sitting all lonely in the alley. Guess it didn’t make the cut for the dumpster! Lucky day for me.

Location of this “find”–  somewhere in San Diego.

After a quick dusting the barrel looked great. It will be perfect on my patio as a plant holder.


America’s Cup – San Diego

Here is a photo from the pier near America’s Cup activities in San Diego.


Wordless Wednesday Part 2

Photo taken near my apartment complex in University City-- San Diego, CA

Stay Classy San Diego: Dumpster Dive with Dignity

Picture this it’s 10:30 at night and I’m outside getting ready to toss the trash into the dumpster.  I hear a slight rustling… could it be a rat? (I hate rats!)  And then, an older gentleman popped up out of the dumpster holding some glass bottles.  Yes, this actually happened to me recently!  While this can be the negative side of dumpster diving there are a lot of every day people who cruise dumpsters looking for treasure.  A few days after my run-in with the guy popping out of the trash, I met a college student who had just arrived in San Diego– she was near the dumpster pulling a nice bookcase away.
Here are a few rules to keep it classy when you’re cruising dumpsters:
Look before you “leap”
Scope out your options before heading out on your first official dive — take a walk, bike ride or drive around your neighborhood. Note which stores and apartment complexes seem like good places to stop.  If you are feeling extra enthusiastic, plot out a map of the stores or neighborhoods you plan to visit.
Keep an open mind
Dumpster diving is different from a trip to the department store.  View your dives as treasure hunts for free stuff and everything you find will seem like a small victory.
The right equipment is essential
Bare minimum, pack a flashlight, rubber gloves and bags to hold your loot. A change of clothes is also a good idea (especially if you are heading somewhere after your dive).
Don’t bring an entourage
Find one or two trusted friends to dive with, and make an agreement beforehand to be discreet, quick and respectful to the places you visit.  No need to trash out the trash can!
Trust your instincts
I’m not a fan of diving for food, but if you choose to go that route, bring a cooler for perishables.
Foods that tend to be particularly safe include bread/bagels/baked goods, packaged products (chips, cookies), boxed juices, canned goods (avoid bulging or dented cans) and fresh fruits and vegetables.
When diving for furniture, avoid mattresses at all costs (the potential bed bugs–not worth it) and take care to inspect upholstered items like chairs and couches for stains or dampness. Consider getting upholstered items professionally cleaned before bringing them into your house.
Don’t dig too deep
Dumpster diving requires a certain mind shift.  Dumpsters can be gross. Decide in advance how far you are willing to go.
Also,  if accessing a particular dumpster requires jumping a fence or somehow “breaking and entering,” just don’t do it.
Personally, I’ve found a few cute things near the dumpster in my apartment complex– everything from a nice patio table to a nightstand.  Last week someone left 2 dressers in “like new” condition down there with a sign that said “free to a good home.” I so would have taken these if I wasn’t downsizing in preparation for a move.  I’ve also discovered the Freecycle community website.  I’m on their email list for the San Diego chapter and have noticed there are some great items out there people are recycling amongst themselves.  Again, I can’t fully participate in this until after I re-settle.
Remember the rules- dive with dignity and keep it classy!