Thrift Trader. Everything $5.99 or 4/$20

Once again, I found myself rummaging thru stacks and racks of stuff at the Thrift Trader in Ocean Beach. This all happened the same afternoon sipping my Vanilla Latte.

You can’t go wrong at this place with things priced 4/$20.  They have a great selection of men’s clothing and I totally messed up and didn’t take any photos of menswear.

  • Thrift Trader
  • 4879 Newport Avenue
  • Ocean Beach, CA  92107
  • Phone: (619) 222-5011
  • Web:


More hats, more long skirts.  All easy items to mix and match for Fall season.  Sometimes you need a little retail fix and getting a low cost treasure in a thrift store is awesome. Just remember, it isn’t a good deal if you don’t use it and it sits in your closet!!


And I found these really fabulous black heels.  Halloween costume-worthy maybe?


And, a big shout out because there’s even a section for the Curvy gals. With cute stuff too!


Cheers everyone!

Worlds Largest Eco-Friendly Department Store

The United States is one of the highest “consumer” countries. Yes, we use a lot of “stuff.” Which makes the task of recycling even more important. Tonite I visited EcoMart— a department store of sorts dedicated to helping all of us reduce, re-use and recycle. They call themselves an “eco-friendly department store.” More like a fancy term for a thrift store that stocks everything perhaps?

This place was fantastic! It’s a huge space filled with everything from mountain bikes, surf boards, small refrigerators, furniture to designer handbags and shoes. I spotted a $70 mountain bike, a bathroom sink for $50 and a Coach bag for $35. By the way, the prices were more than fair. Dresses came in at $7 and a pair of designer heels $15. I found a vintage fur wrap for $100 in perfect condition.

All items were in really good condition too. The store is packed with stuff. I got there towards the end of the day and a few things were out-of-order but overall shopping was a pleasure. They even had newer flat screen computer monitors and flat screen TVs.

  • EcoMart – “Be Eco Friendly”
  • 8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #A1
  • San Diego, CA 92111
  • Phone: (858) 292-2326
  • Web:

Eco Mart will take a look at the stuff you bring in anytime and give quotes. They are accepting secondhand clothes, vintage items, furniture, appliances, musical instruments, sporting goods, toys… I could go on and on. Of course, the better condition your items are in the better price you will get. Be sure to also have warranties, paperwork and supporting documents depending on the item.








Pure Boutique – by the Hillcrest sign

Pure Boutique is indie and hip with a bohemian splash combo. You’ll find some well-made and cute dresses here for an advantageous price. Better yet it’s easy to find– right by the famous Hillcrest sign! They get new arrivals every two weeks so there is always something “new” at Pure.

Pure Boutique

451 University Avenue

San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: (619) 294-7873

I had a great time shopping here. The staff was friendly and helpful without being overly pushy. I found some amazing coconut jewelry priced from $15 to $64. The gray dress pictured below $78 and the beige dress $52. So while this may be a bit more than my typical thrift store finds– still not way over the top pricing. And they do have a sale rack priced anywhere from $5 to $10. Live a little… and shop on.






Baras Foundation Thrift Store – $2.39 Purses & Shoes –

Organized chaos– well, almost organized and very chaotic. I like my bargains and this place definitely delivers. And– they even have some semblance of a Plus sized selection. I was overjoyed to find $2.39 purses and shoes and $4.79 pants. Sure, it smells a little musty and there were some mighty odd people milling about– but who cares when the bargains are this good. Upstairs in the book section I found paperbacks for $0.50 and hardcovers $1.25. The kitchenwares section was packed full of goods and the furniture was decent too. Every Tuesday they have some kind of a different promo- this Tuesday the deal is $0.25 Dishes.

Baras Foundation Thrift Store

1455 University Ave.

San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: (619) 291-4357

A big shout-out to the store manager Theresa extremely friendly and helpful. She was kind enough to write down the store address and give me a full rundown on weekly deals and promos. From what Theresa tells me on the 2nd Tuesday of each month the kids clothes ring up at $0.10. Yup- the kids clothes are a dime (regular price on kids clothes$0.59 still a good deal). This store is huge and there is tons of stuff packed in there. Be ready to dig and expect the unexpected. Here are a few things I found: