$9 Jeans… Fantasy turned into reality for this bargain-hunter!

I thought finding cute jeans for $9 was something like finding a unicorn on my patio. Probably not going to happen. I kept hope alive and last Saturday was my lucky day at My Sister’s Closet here in San Diego.


Okay, so maybe these aren’t over the top glamour-jeans but for $9– I’m okay with that. My original idea was to use these to make “distressed jeans”. I had a plan to use sandpaper, razor blades, a scissors and possibly bleach to make these a little more interesting.  I’ve worn them a number of times already this week and now I’m not so sure I want to ruin a good thing.  After all– fabulous $9 jeans… like finding a unicorn!

  • My Sister’s Closet
  • 8610 Genesee Avenue #200
  • San Diego, CA 92122
  • Phone: (858) 455-0045
  • Web:  www.mysisterscloset.com


Shirley’s Attic – Mason City, IA –

Every time I’m in Mason City I have to stop at Shirley’s Attic. It’s usually because I need a warm sweater or jacket– I live in California now so my sweater collection has dwindled over the years. And sometimes 20 degrees BELOW zero can sneak up on a person!! (like it did for me last year)

Shirley’s Attic

1619 South Federal Avenue

Mason City, IA 50401

(641) 424-3537

I love browsing thru the racks in Shirley’s Attic. Everything is colorized and organized by item type. I found some fantastic leather jackets when I was there over the holidays. I also spotted a few cute jeans and tops. My all time favorite is the awesome sweater I scored for a mere $5. Cold weather is not so bad when you have a fashionable sweater to wear!

Here is a photo of me wearing my $5 sweater.