Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Sunset in Ocean Beach.
Sunset in Ocean Beach.

What’s this all About?

I thought I knew what my blog was about– that is, until I started re-writing my About page.  Oh my, I tore up a lot of paper in the process and changed my mind a dozen times. I’ve had a blog for a few years now and already had a “version” of an About page.  Not a very good version, but at least something.

Jody & parrot

I immediately erased my original page and started over. I’m still not sure I like the way it reads– but I can continue to modify, right? I hadn’t made changes to my About page in 3 years so I was way overdue for an update. I get quite a few comments on this particular page so I’ll be curious to see if this update changes that. Be sure to view my updated About page on the “Who Me” tab. Let me know what you think? I’m always open to suggestions.

Cheers and Happy Blogging!!


DIY Shelf Made With Recycled Wood and Hemp Rope

Hello Everyone!

Happy Friday! Today I want to share a DIY shelf made with recycled wood and hemp rope. I’m planning to use this in my bathroom to store all the small samples of beauty products that I seem to collect.

ShelfShelf up close

We had a small pile of wood sitting around and I suggested to my boyfriend that we make something with it.  He is better using the tools than I am– I’m more of the idea person. Which means– he did the actual work.

I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest and we went to work. Well, I should clarify– my boyfriend went to work. It took him about two hours to make this shelf from start to finish.

Original shelf

The photo above was our inspiration. And the pile of wood we used was originally going to be used for a pool cue rack (there’s no longer a pool table in our house so why not use the wood for a bathroom shelf?).

Not only that, the shelf looks great in my bathroom and we repurposed something that was just sitting around.  I did purchase the hemp rope for approximately $6.00.  And there is enough of that left to use in future projects (a kitty condo/cat scratcher is next on the list).

Happy Friday everyone! Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Cheers, Jody 😃

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. I love posting pictures and have seriously been considering the start of a second blog with only photos. So dear readers this is my dream post. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy actually writing so I’m not ready to give up on the shopping quite yet.


Cheers- jody😄

Meet the Neighbors!

At this point I feel like I’ve not only met the neighbors but possibly invaded the neighborhood and maybe overstayed my welcome? (Just kidding)  There are some fabulous blogs out there! Tonite I checked out Food blogs, Photography, Books and Shopping for blog topics.  I might be missing a few topics?

I love seeing what everyone is doing and how their blogs are organized. I’ve got a mental list going now with all the stuff I want to “fluff up” on my own site. Better photos, a more catchy header, organized widgets…

Tonite I’m lazy– finally home lounging in a big comfy chair.  My cat is underfoot chasing a small toy, just noisy enough to make sure I know she’s in the room. That being said, this was a perfect assignment for me today.  Reading– no heavy thinking required.

Tomorrow is my favorite blogging day– the wonderful Wordless Wednesday. Stay tuned for pictures!

Cheers, Jody

What’s my name again?

Oh wow. I thought this was going to be the easy assignment– say your name. How hard could that be? Turns out for me it was two hours of trial and error.  I got the bright idea to change my blog Theme. Not my best idea given I started after 8 pm and no dinner.  I went from Pilcrow to Big Brother to Twenty Fifteen. Now everything is all jumbled up and it’s past my bedtime.  Dinner was a quick salad and a margarita for dessert. I’m still having dessert and there’s a chance I’m having seconds. Of course, it’s now 10:51 pm here in California and I haven’t hit Publish yet!

On top of all that I’m doing the writing and editing now on my iPad Air.  And doing it really slow. In the past I worked on a Windows based machine on WordPress site and had that down pat. I’m learning on the fly using my iPad.

So much for following the rules and staying on task…

As far as my blog name is concerned (the real task for tonite)– I keep coming back to Thrift Shopping Buzz. For the time being I’m sticking with that. I have a list going with other options, just not ready to go there yet.

I may shorten the tag line to “Less is more.”  (I’m open to other suggestions…)

Tomorrow is another day and another assignment. Cheers!


Happy 2015: A New Beginning for Thrift Shopping Buzz

Hello Everyone,

Why am I here? For the past few years my blog has been a mash-up of DIY projects, thrift shopping tips, frugal lifestyle stories and actual thrift store reviews.  This year, I would like to “find my voice” and move forward in a more organized fashion with this blog. I enjoy writing and I really love the shopping process. The problem with all this– I like to save money too.

What I believe in:  reduce/reuse/recycle; a clutter-free home; the one in/one out rule; don’t buy new if you can fix the old item; shopping in a thrift store or vintage shop is a lot more fun than a fancy department store; shop local whenever possible; the “tiny house” movement– and last but not least– never be too busy to catch a beautiful sunset at the beach.

About me: I live in sunny San Diego, California- blogging evenings and weekends — desk job during the day.  My son is 19 years old now and living in Sweden. Seems like yesterday he was in 1st grade and playing four-square on the playground.

Happy New Year to all my readers– I’m looking forward to a fabulous 2015!!

— Jody😄

Unplug to Recharge Challenge: Detox Tea

Happy Sunday! Just wanted to share these tea recipes with you all. It’s been a crazy busy holiday season and now is a good time to get back in the groove of a healthy lifestyle. A quick detox tea is a great beginning. Cheers! 😊

Young Wifey's Blog

Unplug to Recharge Challenge
You can take the easy route and purchase boxes of detox teas or you can custom blend teas that suites your needs and pleases your palate.

Detox Tea Recipes Detox Tea Recipes

Use a mesh strainer to steep ingredients in hot water for about 7 minutes. Stir and sip.

Detox Tea #1
1 green tea bag
1 Tbsp. fresh grated ginger
1 Tbsp. lemon
honey (optional)

Detox Tea # 2
1 white tea bag
1 cinnamon stick
1 Tbsp. fresh grated ginger
1 tsp. turmeric
honey (optional)

Detox Tea # 3
2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar

1 cinnamon stick

Detox Tea #4
1 dandelion root tea bag
lemon juice

Detox Tea #5
1 white tea bag
1 Tbsp. lime juice
honey (optional)

Detox Tea #6
1 white tea bag

10-15 mint leaves
1 Tbsp. ground ginger
honey (optional)

Detox Tea #7
1/2 tsp. fennel seeds
1/2 tsp. coriander 

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Living Frugally

This blog post is so great I just had to share. Cheers & Happy New Year!
Remember — reduce, reuse, recycle.

thrift shopper for peace

frugalWhen you think of a thrift lifestyle, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it shopping at a thrift shop, looking for great deals on things you need or things you simply want? Is it about looking for new uses for old things – repurposing items in your house? Is it about getting the most out of the things you already have so that you’re not simply consuming for the sake of it?

When I think of my parents and my grandparents’ lifestyles, I think of thrift in a different way. Their lives were marked more by reducing waste than they were by reducing consumption. It had more to do with frugality than anything else. This was borne out of necessity – both my parents and all of my grandparents lived in need and sometimes outright poverty. When you had stuff you used it completely, you didn’t waste…

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Happy Wordless Wednesday!