Plus Size Fashion On A Budget

Plus-size shopping on a budget seems to be a challenge. Most of the thrift stores I visit for my blog have a very small selection of plus sizes. If they even have plus sizes at all. It’s not good– I believe the average woman is something like a Size 14, right? I’m re-blogging this because I feel the plus-sized shopper is under-represented at the thrift stores.

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fashion on a budget
By: Meieli Sawyer, former Guide
Are you a plus-size bargain hunter? Just looking for a place to buy plus-size items at major retailers as well as specialty shops–but at a deep discount? Look for pieces that offer attractive mark-downs with these suggestions, which include higher end items that get their prices slashed at the season’s end.

Newcomer on the plus scene La Grande Dame offers great clearance items, regular sales promoted by newsletters (sign up for savings!), and lots of sneaky designer-specific sales. You’ll be thrilled at the savings on high-end plus selections from designers like Melissa Masse.

Save a lot on specific clearance pieces marked down 75%! Gorgeous dresses go from $100 to $30, jackets sell for $25 from $80, and more. Check back the sale section regularly for the best finds, because they switch around without warning.

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Grocery Shopping…. At the 99cents Store?


Sunday grocery shopping at the 99 cents store??

Usually I do my grocery shopping at the local Ralph’s or Vons or Trader Joe’s… you know, what we think of as the “normal” grocery stores, right?  I had no idea how great my neighborhood 99 cents store could be! I was out and about running errands early Sunday morning and decided to check out this 99 cents store and see if it really was more than cheap cleaning supplies and paper towels.

As you can see, I found a huge bottle of soy sauce for 99 cents– or you can get the name brand version in a smaller container. Same price 99 cents.


Two heads of lettuce, you guessed it 99 cents. I was surprised to find the produce section was clean, well stocked and good quality stuff. And, can you ever really get tired of the easy pricing???


And, my favorites– the cleaning supplies. Lots of them!


Bread, bagels, hamburger buns– all 99 cents.  I checked all expiration dates and looking good. No outdated food here.


I needed a few extra Halloween goodies for my niece. Guess what? I found some cute glow in the dark necklaces to wear trick-or-treating priced 2/99 cents. Awesome!


Moral of the story…. you can score big for under $10 grocery shopping at the 99 cents store!  Cheers!

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Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Another beautiful sunset at the beach.

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10 Luxe Lip Balms Worth The Price Tag

Thought this was a cool post . Especially since I feel like I’ve been sampling a lot of lip products lately . Must have something to do with the cold weather. Cheers!!

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Discovery Shop: A unique resale experience in Point Loma

Need something flashy and swanky for the holidays? This place is awesome for just that! There’s plenty of sparkly jackets and spiffy dresses.

I had a great time this weekend at Point Loma’s American Cancer Society Resale Shop. Located at 3609-C Midway Drive, this shop is easy to find with plenty of parking.


Definitely– lots of sparkle here! Most important this shop is clean and neat and extremely well merchandised.  Clothes were pressed (not all wrinkled!) and the racks were colorized too.  For someone like me that is a good thing since I’m really trying to break out of my “uniform” of wearing black all the time.

I found some shoes for work and a fantastic selection of jackets.  Pictured below is an awesome fur jacket I found. It was in great condition. Prices here were reasonable and the clearance racks had a sizeable selection of items priced at $2– you read that right– 2 Bucks!!

Upcoming Events:

Friday & Saturday December 13 and December 14: Semi-Annual Sale 50% off Storewide Savings

Sunday December 15: Prepare for the new year or finish your holiday shopping. A variety of unused merchandise with original tags will be featured (I got a sneak peek– it’s all good stuff!!)






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Happy Wordless Wednesday…

…from a cute black cat!


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Happy Flip Flop Friday! DIY Jeweled Flip Flops.

Happy Friday everyone!  I wanted to share this fun DIY for jeweled flip-flops project with you all.  I realize it’s more wintery now– but really– who can’t use another pair of flip-flops to wear around the house? It’s not snowing yet, right? At least not here in southern California anyway.

Have fun and Happy Friday! Anyone who makes these– send me pics!


  • 1

    Lightly sand the straps of the flip-flops with sandpaper or use steel wool to  roughen them up and make it easier for the glue to adhere. Wipe the straps clean  with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

  • 2

    Place dots of glue onto the flip-flop strap in the pattern you want the rhinestones to be placed. Do just a few dots  of glue at a time. Make the dots of glue just large enough so that when you  press the rhinestone into them, the glue will also come around the edges of the  rhinestone. This requires some practice.

  • 3

    Pick up a rhinestone by lightly touching it with the tip of the applicator,  then press the rhinestone into the dot of glue. Repeat with the next rhinestone  crystal and continue until the straps are covered.

  • 4

    Let glue fully dry, usually 24 to 72 hours. For optimal adhesion, add an  extra day or two.


  • Rubber flip-flops work best, and you may not have to roughen the straps with  sandpaper. Vinyl or polyurethane flip-flops will require sanding.

  • Do not use cheap flip-flops. They sometimes have an “oiliness” to the plastic  that  makes it difficult, if not impossible, to glue your jewels on to.

  • Placing wadded up newspaper or a rag under the straps may make them easier to  work on and help to catch stray glue drips.

  • Work in a well-ventilated area because the fumes from many glues, especially  industrial strength glues, can be harmful to your health.

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