Happy Flip Flop Friday! DIY Jeweled Flip Flops.

Happy Friday everyone!  I wanted to share this fun DIY for jeweled flip-flops project with you all.  I realize it’s more wintery now– but really– who can’t use another pair of flip-flops to wear around the house? It’s not snowing yet, right? At least not here in southern California anyway.

Have fun and Happy Friday! Anyone who makes these– send me pics!


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    Lightly sand the straps of the flip-flops with sandpaper or use steel wool to  roughen them up and make it easier for the glue to adhere. Wipe the straps clean  with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

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    Place dots of glue onto the flip-flop strap in the pattern you want the rhinestones to be placed. Do just a few dots  of glue at a time. Make the dots of glue just large enough so that when you  press the rhinestone into them, the glue will also come around the edges of the  rhinestone. This requires some practice.

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    Pick up a rhinestone by lightly touching it with the tip of the applicator,  then press the rhinestone into the dot of glue. Repeat with the next rhinestone  crystal and continue until the straps are covered.

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    Let glue fully dry, usually 24 to 72 hours. For optimal adhesion, add an  extra day or two.


  • Rubber flip-flops work best, and you may not have to roughen the straps with  sandpaper. Vinyl or polyurethane flip-flops will require sanding.

  • Do not use cheap flip-flops. They sometimes have an “oiliness” to the plastic  that  makes it difficult, if not impossible, to glue your jewels on to.

  • Placing wadded up newspaper or a rag under the straps may make them easier to  work on and help to catch stray glue drips.

  • Work in a well-ventilated area because the fumes from many glues, especially  industrial strength glues, can be harmful to your health.

Read more:  DIY Jeweled Flipflops | eHow.com

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4 thoughts on “Happy Flip Flop Friday! DIY Jeweled Flip Flops.”

      1. Fine!
        I’m very tired and I can’t sleep well.
        Presently I’m trying not to sleep so that I can try to restore a normal rythm.
        I have returned to blogging last week too.

        Have a nice week-end!

      2. I know how you feel. Not sleeping so well myself these days. I think too much stress. Tonite I went on a lovely walk by the beach sunset was lovely. Cheers!

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