Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Thrift Trader. Everything $5.99 or 4/$20

Once again, I found myself rummaging thru stacks and racks of stuff at the Thrift Trader in Ocean Beach. This all happened the same afternoon sipping my Vanilla Latte.

You can’t go wrong at this place with things priced 4/$20.  They have a great selection of men’s clothing and I totally messed up and didn’t take any photos of menswear.

  • Thrift Trader
  • 4879 Newport Avenue
  • Ocean Beach, CA  92107
  • Phone: (619) 222-5011
  • Web: www.thrifttrader.org


More hats, more long skirts.  All easy items to mix and match for Fall season.  Sometimes you need a little retail fix and getting a low cost treasure in a thrift store is awesome. Just remember, it isn’t a good deal if you don’t use it and it sits in your closet!!


And I found these really fabulous black heels.  Halloween costume-worthy maybe?


And, a big shout out because there’s even a section for the Curvy gals. With cute stuff too!


Cheers everyone!

Humble Hippie. Cute Accessories.

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to pass along some great photos I took over the weekend in Ocean Beach. Of course, I stopped by the Humble Hippie on Newport Avenue.

While sipping my Vanilla Latte I couldn’t resist doing a little more than window shopping. So much for my vow to “keep wallet in handbag”.  (I failed….)


I really loved the cute hats and cozy knit scarves.  Being the thrifty shopper, I was thrilled with the prices– $19 for scarves- heaven!

Especially now with the cooler Fall weather a scarf is great to throw on with a jean jacket or light sweater.  This is the rational I used– you guessed it– I got a new scarf.  If you want to see what it looks like, check out my blog post from earlier this week.  (I paired it with a jacket I got for $31 at Marshall’s)


If you’re in the market for flirty dresses, there are plenty of these too.  Maybe I’m too much into accessories these days because all I can think about is which scarf and which hat I would wear with that bright dress pictured on the right, above.


The Humble Hippie was as charming as ever! I had a nice chat with the owner (Wes) this weekend too.  He sent me a couple of really cool photos that I will have to attach to this post a little later.  I’m having a slight snafu with my email tonite.  So I guess you all will have to settle for my lovely iphone-photography for the time being.

Cheers and have a good week everyone. Happy Shopping and keep me posted if any of you out there have made any recent purchases at The Humble Hippie.

Humble Hippie- new on Newport Ave in Ocean Beach


Happy Monday! The good news 1 day down and 4 to go until Friday.  Just wanted to let you all know about the fabulous shop I visited in Ocean Beach this weekend.  I know…. more shopping… feels like I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

Saturday afternoon I happened upon the Humble Hippie on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach.  The sign on the door mentioned something about “a comfortable clothing company” so… of course… I had to check it out.


Long flowing skirts, scarves, vintage look t-shirts… it’s all here. I actually purchased a pretty awesome longer top with flutter sleeves to wear with leggings and boots.  (perfect for a 40-ish woman– that would be me, in case you were wondering– attempting to hide some minor imperfections….)

So, not only is the clothing quite fabulous but the store itself was a delight. All the fixtures came from stores that went out of business and the “glass” display case in the front of the store was re-purposed from 3 old doors— my recycling friends should be proud!  The hanging display (first photo at the top) was a table from Craigslist that was split into 3 sections. Even the rugs were thrifted.  Music to my ears!  I thought the suitcase display case (below) was unique– I should have asked if this was for sale.


If you’re in the market for some comfy clothes with a modern hippie vibe this is the place for you. (T-shirts anyone?)  Bottom line,  I had a great time in this store– Dusty– and the owner Wes were fun and cool to chat with.


P.S. you can kinda see my reflection in the door (below)…. Cheers until next time.

— Jody —


Java Jungle. Hot Coffee and Cool Plants in Ocean Beach


Hello Everyone! I had a great weekend and it definitely went too fast. Seriously, I could use another day off.  This morning I visited Java Jungle in Ocean Beach for a quick coffee (I forgot to purchase whole bean coffee yesterday which is what made it completely necessary to go out for a coffee).  What a nice surprise– this Java Jungle really is a jungle of sorts.  Not only yummy coffee but they have some awesome plants as well. (As it turns out– I’m not only addicted to coffee but also buying small plants)

  • Java Jungle
  • 5047 Newport Avenue
  • Ocean Beach, CA 92107
  • Phone: (619) 224-0249

While sipping my Vanilla Latte I browsed the plant collection— I found a nice English Ivy plant for $2.49– lucky day!  FYI– it looks cute on my patio and you can’t beat the price.


I found a comfy seat for about 30 minutes for some people watching while I scanned the Sunday newspaper.  (I did more people watching than reading…)

Later on, after I was sufficiently infused with coffee I went for a short 4 mile hike to Sunset Cliffs. It was the perfect day.  Coffee… plants… hiking… what more could I wish for?  Cheers and sending good karma for a fabulous week ahead!



Pirates, Jewelry & More. Bead Shop Hop 2012


Happy Saturday! Just wanted to share with everyone the great “loot” I collected last night participating in the Bead Shop Hop 2012.  The event was sponsored by the Southern California Local Bead Store Association.  For my part, I visited The Black Bead in Ocean Beach. They gave me a “passport” and it was time to get busy shopping!  As you can see,  I collected some amazing pendants while on tour.  The blue one pictured above is what I bought last night– $7.  (I’m using a black cord that I already had)


The Bead Shop Hop was over three consecutive weekends:  September 7 thru 9; September 14 thru 16; and September 21 thru 23. A total of 27 bead shops participated in the three southern California regions.  With only one day left, I’m not so sure if I’ll get to visit additional shops.

Rules: I got my “passport” stamped at my local bead shop The Black Bead in Ocean Beach and have to turn the document back in to them by Sunday night so they get credit for my visit. I was also entered into a drawing for a gift basket valued at $100.

Special perks: When I walked into The Black Bead I was greeted by some really cool “pirates” who helped me sign up for the free stuff and get the passport set up. I got a cute temporary tattoo (not so temporary as it turns out… one shower later and I’m still sporting my anchor “tattoo”….) and played a game where I drew a bead out of a bag to win a prize. I won a necklace fashioned out of small greenish/white beads that I hung on the rear-view mirror of my car (looks pretty cool).  One last thing, they were also giving away small charms– I picked out a tiny pirate chest charm.  It’s something I can either wear on a chain as a necklace or attach to a bracelet– I haven’t decided yet.

If I have time for another stop on the Bead Shop tour…. I’ll post a follow-up. This was a fun and relaxing end to my week.  Many thanks to the helpful “pirates” at The Black Bead in Ocean Beach who helped me shop!

Cheers– Jody




Azucar – a Cuban Style Patisserie

Have you ever found yourself in need of a sugar fix?? This was me a few weekends ago as I was strolling along Newport Avenue in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego. It was not quite warm enough for the beach and just sunny enough where I felt a strange sense of guilt sitting indoors. Of course, it was early afternoon and a coffee and a few cookies seemed like a great idea.

  • Azucar
  • 4820 Newport Avenue
  • Ocean Beach, CA 92107
  • Phone: (619) 523-2020
  • Web: www.iloveazucar.com

I saw the inviting sign for “azucar” and stopped in. Wow… what a fabulous place! I was in the market for a coffee (of course!) and a few cookies. I chose what resembled a chocolate chip cookie but what I got was sooo much better! Part cookie and part chocolate perfection it was more than I ever thought a cookie could be! I’m hooked and will gladly be back for more. As far as the coffee is concerned– all I can say is that they had vanilla sugar for the coffee. What more can a girl ask for?! (Joy!)



$2 Dollar Thrill – Recycle It & Rock It!

Last weekend I found myself wondering– what can you get for a couple of bucks these days? Turns out $2 buys a whole lot of cool stuff at $2 Dollar Thrill in Ocean Beach. Everything from vinyl records to CD’s to cute dresses and summer tops. I’m not kidding… you really can buy a dress in this place for $2. A super cute dress! When I originally stopped by it was a sunny Sunday afternoon and I was post-beach and completely out of cash (bummer). An especially huge bummer because I spotted a super-fabulous dress and didn’t have 2 bucks in actual cash-only my debit card. (Ahh.. such is life) The good news– I’m planning a return trip next weekend and maybe I can do some damage under $10. Never thought I’d say that!!

  • $2 Dollar Thrill
  • 4871 Newport Avenue
  • Ocean Beach, CA 92107
  • Phone: (619) 222-2772
  • Web: www.thrifttrader.org

From what I was told, this is the place where the “left-over” stuff from their Pacific Beach store goes. I hear in Pacific Beach the items are priced at $6 (oh… guess this is the high price store-ha). So… recycle it and rock the look! Here’s to recycling and here are some of the cute things I found…





Blondstone – jewelry studio in La Jolla & Ocean Beach

Blondstone – jewelry studio

925 Prospect Street in La Jolla, CA 92037

4931 Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach, CA 92107


It was a rainy Wednesday last week when I was in Ocean Beach. The plan was to visit the Farmers Market but the weather got in the way of that. Lucky for me I found the amazing jewelry studio Blondstone on Newport Avenue. I’d walked by a couple of times but never went in. Again, lucky for me it was a rainy afternoon and a jewelry store was the perfect place to wait out a few sprinkles!

I found some beautiful necklaces and earrings. I have a weak spot for jewelry and always like the look of sea glass pendants. Also known as Mermaid Tears this is naturally tumbled sea glass– found locally and around the world. Blondstone captures these fine ocean gems in brilliant silver settings (again, a personal favorite of mine) as pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings.

Sol Wave— I found a really pretty necklace called the Sol Wave. Excellent design and comes in several sizes and price ranges. Below is my favorite Wave on Leather- Medium- $60. Great size to wear with summer t-shirts and dresses.

Wave on Leather - medium

Blondstone is a great place to score beautiful designer sterling jewelry. As the working design studio of SOL Designs by Heidi this is the only source for Heidi’s popular designs.





Lola Luna Boutique –

Lola Luna Boutique

4985 Newport Avenue

Ocean Beach, CA 92107

Ph# 619-222-6811

This past weekend when I was cruising thru the shopping in Ocean Beach I came across Lola Luna Boutique. I was thrilled when I walked in and saw the flowy tops and swingy sweaters– and the wall of shoes. (Better yet there was a table out front with $10 shoes. My dream!)

Lola Luna brings the latest cutting edge fashion into an affordable and casual shopping environment. Clothing, shoes, and accessories arrive weekly, giving shoppers great new styles to choose from. And of course it’s a good excuse to shop often!