Brighton Collectibles – Great Products & Amazing Customer Service

Okay, my post tonite has nothing to do with thrift shopping. In search of a case for my iPad, I found myself cruising thru the mall.  No luck at the Apple store, Brookstone and Macy’s. It was my lucky night when I walked in the Brighton store. This was my first time shopping in this particular shop– and I went in out of desperation fairly sure I was going to strike out again anyway.  Check out the funky and practical travel case I found for the iPad. It has plenty of padding and a few extra pockets inside.


While I was there I couldn’t resist the urge to pick out a pair of small earrings. Priced at $18 and with a 1-year guarantee… excellent!


While shopping at Brighton Collectibles, I experienced the most amazing customer care. Sales Partner “Laura” helped me choose my items and gave me an entire background on the company and the jewelry designers. Better yet, the merchandise gets registered when you purchase and has a 1-year guarantee.  When I was in there the woman behind me in line told me her Mom “collects” Brighton stuff and has been wearing it for years. She actually showed me a few things she has that still looked great. It’s always a good sign when not only the store salespeople are excited but the store customers are excited too.  For sure, I will be back for more at Brighton.  (I have my eye on some pretty hoop earrings and maybe a watch).  Cheers!


$8.99 Bargain t-shirts… My son is a fantastic thrift shopper!!

And I thought I was a good shopper!! My son just might be a little better. Guess he learned from me:). Check out the great looking t-shirt he found at Ross for $8.99.


He also found a dark gray Adidas shirt for $7.99. Who says teenagers can’t be thrifty?

Happy Flip-Flop Friday!

How can you go wrong with a fun pair of flip-flops on a Friday? Or any other day for that matter? Too bad they aren’t legal at the office!  I went on a little stroll thru the mall tonite in search of… you guessed it… flip-flops.  I love flip-flops which means there might be another Flip-Flop Friday in my future. Cheers and happy Friday everyone!

My first stop was Nordstrom to “visit” my friends the fabulous Tory Burch flip-flops pictured below in some festive colors. These babies ring up at an impressive $50– which is why I only “visit” them and have not officially busted out my credit card.


Moving on thru the mall and on to Macy’s, I found these beachy white flip-flops from Michael Kors.They come in a variety of color choices including white, orange and hot pink. A bit more economical, they ring up at $29.  We’re getting closer to my price range….


The last stop in my flip-flop Friday shopping adventure was Cathy Jean. I found these cuties for $22.50. Not bad. I really liked the animal print version pictured below. They also come in several other shades.


I’ll have to keep shopping– I’m determined to come in under $10…. wish me luck.

Eco Land and Sea — locally made spa goods

Feeling tired and stressed? Want to soak in a steamy tub with eco-friendly soap? Herbal ingredients calling your name?

Eco Land and Sea is made from an eco-heritage that spans the land and sea.

Get clean with botanical, no palm oil or animal-body fats type herbal soap bars.  No detergents added, just pure, natural soap.

You can also stock up on bath salts, bath powder and bath bombs. (oh yesss!)  The best part about all of this– the stuff is locally made and eco-friendly.  Everything was really pretty.   Word on the street– they suds up well.  I should know–  I met Chris who told me he is the person who makes the soap.  Sounds like he is working on some new formulations and made a special order for a customer last week.


I met up with Chris last week at the farmer’s market in San Diego’s UTC neighborhood.  He was working the booth and singing the praises of eco-friendly soaps.  I just loved these tiny heart soaps priced at a budget friendly 50 cents each.


Lots of lovely choices on the table! And wrapped in delish looking ribbons– by the way they smell just as delish.


A Potpourri of Hats!

Who doesn’t love a cute hat? I literally bumped into a fantastic hat kiosk tonite in Westfield’s UTC Shopping Center.  Personally, I wear a lot of hats on the advice of my dermatologist.  (you can never be too careful with your skin and sun protection in the summer!)  Check out this small but mighty kiosk…


  • Chapeaux – jour au nuit apropos
  • Email:
  • Westfield UTC
  • 4545 La Jolla Village Drive
  • San Diego, CA  92122
  • Phone: (619) 944-0381

So, fellow San Diego residents– if you are getting ready for opening day at the Del Mar Racetrack this might be a good place to shop for that necessary new hat.  Prices range from $20 to $45 for basic hats.  If you want something more on the fancy side prices go from $45 to $110.

I found a fantastic selection of floral headbands for $10 to $14.  These are perfect for younger girls.

That sign below w/ the visors being “buy 1/get 1 at 50% off”— nice! That visor would be easy to roll up and pack into a travel bag for a weekend getaway or vacation, right?

I had a nice conversation with the owner, Jenifer C.  She told me trunk shows are available upon request. A percentage of sales can either go to the host or benefit a charity.


I’m thinking one of these visors might be good to wear either at the beach or maybe when I’m out and about on weekends. After all, I am in sunny San Diego!

Of course, check out the photo below with the amazing floral headbands.  What a great way to add a little color into your world.



Pandora Beads: Can You Ever Have Enough Memories??

My answer to this question is No! I love love love my Pandora bracelets and beautiful beads. Lucky for me most of mine were gifts with a story to tell.

Typically this blog is about thrift shopping however tonite I couldn’t contain myself when I passed by the Ben Bridge jewelry store in Westfield’s UTC Mall.  (Due to major mall construction it was a bit of a struggle.)

There were lots of sparkly things in the window (which I managed to avoid).  I did cave in and purchase an additional Pandora bracelet for my excess beads.  I had a near death experience in Iowa over the holidays when a clerk in a jewelry store unclasped my bracelet full of memories and the beads went spilling/flying all over the floor of the shop (I screamed… and then quickly gathered them…)


My orphan beads were in need of a new home and this double wrap leather bracelet was exactly what I had in mind.  I grouped together all my red and black colored beads for this newest bracelet creation. How cute is that little lady bug?! (It has special meaning because of my nickname “Bugs”)  I’m not a big fan of bugs/spiders or creepy-crawlies of any kind and I guess this bead reminds me to chill out and let the bugs go free. (or smash them depending on the situation… or the size of the bug in question)


Here is the finished creation– looks perfect. Except now I find myself wanting a few more beads…. It’s true, you really never can have enough Pandora beads…. or memories.  Cheers!


Ben Bridge Jeweler – Westfield Shoppingtown UTC – Phone: (858) 453-9996

Pandora – Unforgettable Moments

What $33 Gets You at Old Navy

I’m supposed to be on a “shopping fast” right now. Yeah… about that… didn’t really go so well this weekend. Friday was the day of the flip-flops and yesterday was the day of $33 at Old Navy. Yes, you read that correctly– I spent approximately $33 at Old Navy and got 4 super cute items– a flirty summer dress, 2 basic t-shirts and a fabulous yellow recycling bag. And because I used my store credit card I saved 30% on my purchases which made the t-shirts ring up at the ridiculous price of $4 roughly. Of course, I went online right away and paid off the balance (wow, that took discipline!).

  • Old Navy
  • Fashion Valley Mall – San Diego
  • Phone: (619) 299-4329
  • Web:

I hadn’t been in an Old Navy store in a long time so just happened to browse thru for nothing more than a quick peek. I gravitated to the dresses where I was lucky enough to nab the last one in the particular style in my photo below– and it fit better yet! And, who doesn’t need a few cheap summer t-shirts?? In fact, I might go back for a few more. That chipper yellow recycling bag was just a wonderful “gift” and something I can use this summer. So much for the “shopping fast”– I’m hopeful this will be a better week… Cheers!




JCPenney Styling Salon – touch up style bar

Did you know that JCPenney had a “touch up style bar”?  (I definitely knew nothing about this service!)  While wandering thru Fashion Valley Mall this past Saturday afternoon I passed by the fantastic “touch up style bar” outside the styling salon at the  JCPenney store.  I was stopped by Carie who is a Senior Hair Designer there.  She offered to touch up my hair– for free!  Excellent! And on top of that I was given a sample of Big Sexy Hair voluminizing hairspray– for free. Just because I tried out the touch up style bar!  (Saturday was a great day for the free samples)

FYI the salon is open 7 days a week including evenings. Appointments are recommended but not mandatory. Here is a sample of services offered:

  • Classic Manicure– $15
  • Classic Pedicure–  $35
  • Eyebrow Shaping– $12
  • Haircut & Blowdry– $32
  • Foil w/ Haircut– $90

My hair “touch up”consisted of a light go-over with the flat-iron and adding a few curls and some hair spray. Turned out great! I was completely impressed with Carie, the senior stylist who helped me.  And completely impressed with the quality of the salon at JCPenney. I really had no idea.  The prices are affordable and this is somewhere I would definitely stop back for a manicure or quick haircut while out shopping at Fashion Valley Mall.  Bravo!

JCPenney Salon/Spa

Fashion Valley

6987 Friars Rd

San Diego, CA 92108

Phone:  619-297-2342

Valentine’s Day deals…perfume… earrings… Oh Yum!

My favorite mall is Westfield UTC– it’s easy access to shop during my break at work and just a fabulous mall in general. Imagine my excitement when I came across the Retail section in todays San Diego Union Tribune and found such great deals to be had at the 11 Westfield Shopping Centers in the San Diego area.

Here is the link to the full set of deals for this week:   (these deals come out weekly on Tuesdays I plan to stay tuned!)

I noticed lots of Valentine’s Day type deals to be had this week– Ben Bridge Jewelry giving away chocolate with the purchase of a $99 diamond heart pendant thru February 14th and Forever 21 is offering free perfume with a $50 purchase.   Best yet– Kay Jewelers is offering $90 diamond heart-shaped earrings for a mere $24.99!

Shopping in the  Westfield malls never looked so good. Whether you’re shopping for someone else or on the look-out for a bit of your own retail therapy the deals are out there.  Personally,  I’m really thinking about those $24.99 earrings at Kay Jewelers.

Exclusively American – San Diego – UTC Mall

Exclusively American


Twitter: @CreatingJObs


Made in America. Many times these words are hard to find on most products we purchase at the mall.

While roaming thru the Westfield UTC Mall tonite I came across a new kiosk called Exclusively American. What a fabulous find!  Lovely infinity scarves, funky feathered wrist wraps… What more could you want? Well, scroll down and you will see a beautiful selection of bags to carry your yoga mat. Genius idea. The very best thing about all this – everything is made in America!  You can be patriotic and look amazing at the same time.

I’m planning a return trip here this week for one of these scarves. I have my eye on that pretty red one.  (I’m trying to inject more color in my wardrobe — I’m guilty of wearing way too much black!)

As I like to say– I’ll be back!!