Time for Summer Retail Therapy at My Sisters Closet

Hello Everyone!  As far as I’m concerned, there’s no therapy like retail therapy. What better way to beat the heat than in an air-conditioned store, right?!

Why not unwind with a little retail therapy at My Sister’s Closet located in the UTC neighborhood of San Diego.  My co-workers came back recently from a quick lunch break with several fantastic “finds” and were kind enough to let me take some photos. Look at this really cute Juicy Couture wallet that LD scored for a mere $17.


This wallet is so cute… why hide it in a purse??!


Okay…but wait, there’s more… KC scored three (yes, you read that right– three!) super amazing tops for a grand total of approximately $22 out the door.  These are bargain friendly tops that can take you from workplace to wine tasting on a budget.


Hopefully there will be something left in the store for me….  🙂


This blue top will be so pretty on a summer day. And the fluttery coral top pictured below is perfect to wear on a hot day.  Like I said, hopefully there will be a few cute things left for me.  Cheers– and happy shopping!


“My Sister’s Closet”- Recycled Designer Apparel

Having a bad day? Maybe a “recycled” Kate Spade bag or perhaps a pair of “new to you” Jimmy Choo heels might hit the spot? Tonite after work I stopped by My Sister’s Closet in the Costa Verde Shopping Center in San Diego’s UTC neighborhood. The windows were alive with colorful Spring looks and the designer handbags were amazing as always. I had to remind myself several times to “keep the credit card in the wallet.” (you have no idea how difficult this was!)

The shoes were divine– everything from Jimmy Choo to western boots to pink designer rain boots. Some pricey designer shoes and some of the $12.95 variety (pictured below). However, I was hugely disappointed tonite when I skimmed thru the skirts section because 2 skirts I had all scoped out were gone! Obviously, this goes to prove my new golden rule of thrift shopping– when you see it & you like it, you BUY it immediately. (the cute stuff goes fast!) So much for that other rule– that thing about keeping my credit card in my wallet…. Rules are (sometimes) meant to be broken….

I didn’t end up buying anything tonite. It was just a quick whirlwind of retail therapy being a looky-loo in the store. I did take a few photos of some “finds” in My Sister’s Closet. Probably the best thing I found tonite was the black heels $12.95. Too bad they were a Size 81/2 hiding in the Size 7 section. Being the typical female shoe shopper, I did try on the shoes even though they were the wrong size in the hopes they might fit (big surprise- they didn’t fit). Oh well– perhaps a Size 7 Jimmy Choo is in my future? Cheers– and happy shopping.

My Sister’s Closet

8610 Genesee Avenue #200

San Diego CA 92122

Phone: (858) 455-0045

Web: www.mysisterscloset.com