Kay Jewelers…

Tonite I found myself doing a little light window shopping in Kay Jewelers at Westfield UTC. Anyone who knows me well is aware how much I love jewelry. With my whole downsizing mentality lately I’ve tried hard to adopt the “look away from the jewelry” rule as much as possible. But sometimes… ya gotta do more than look away! (At least I do anyway.) I went on a little recon shopping trip as a favor to someone I know last night. Most difficult recon trip ever!! Kay Jewelers is filled with amazing sparklers and it was all I could do to ask questions, gather my intelligence and escape. I figured you all would want to see some of the fabulous sparklers I found. In case anyone is wondering I managed to keep my Visa card under wraps!

14K White Gold 1/3 Carat t.w. Diamond Solitaire Earrings 14K White Cold 1/3 Carat total weight Diamond Solitaire Earrings $299 (excellent deal)

Sterling Silver ¼ Carat t.w. Black Diamond Hoop EarringsSterling Silver 1/4 Carat Black Diamond Hoop Earrings $199 (cute & fun to wear!)

Sterling Silver Cable ChainSterling Silver Cable Chain $29.99 (great find- this is something I’m getting for me!)

Charmed Memories® Ruby Red Frost Murano Glass CharmRuby Red Frost Murano Glass Bead $29.99 (I love these Murano glass beads!)

Charmed Memories® Sterling Silver Lady Bug CharmSterling Silver Lady Bug Charm $39.99 (Lady Bugs are my fave!)

Sterling Silver Diamond Double Heart Key NecklaceSterling Silver Diamond Double Heart Key Necklace $79.99 (I keep looking at this…)

I tried to keep this semi cost-effective. There are so many cute things right now it was hard to choose! I’m definitely going back for the chain necklace tomorrow. Happy Shopping!

Walgreens- another holiday shopping hot spot?!

Picture this– it’s 5:25pm on a Monday night and you receive a last minute text message from co-workers reminding you about the team “White Elephant” gift exchange at work the next day.  You’re stuck in traffic, it’s kinda rainy outside and you text back a real quick THX– then the panic sets in.  Where to stop for a quick gift??!!  (then you ask yourself– what am I gonna get?!?)


Then inspiration hits when you see the friendly flashy lights of your neighborhood Walgreens store.  (Walgreens– really?)  You think– hopefully it will be more than balloons and prescriptions.

Newsflash– there’s a serious amount of stuff in this place!  Bring on the White Elephant gift exchange.

  Water Bottles – $9.99  (under the $10 limit)

Nail polish– great gift if your team is mostly women

A gift basket of stuff in case anyone is sick

  Look– a little sock for your new iPhone (priceless)

  More gift ideas at the magic price range of $9.99

Mission accomplished– plenty of White Elephant type gifts in Walgreens. You are back in the car with the perfect gift (you imagine yourself getting to keep your own gift!).

CVS – Great place to go Christmas shopping!?

With a few random things left on my holiday shopping list– I found myself wandering the aisles of my neighborhood CVS store.  I had no idea you could get everything from a bubbling zen water fountain,  international calling cards, tissues, flip-flops– the possibilities seemed endless.  Usually I go to CVS on a mission– a quick trip for aspirin or gum or a magazine.  I never really thought about Christmas shopping there.  But— why not?!  Some other cool stuff I found– candles, hats & gloves (for the cold weather we’ve been having in San Diego) and pretty holiday decorations  and lights.

Lucky for me I found 2 cute mini-pillow pets for my nieces– a fluffy panda and a pink butterfly.   I also found a crazy gift for the white elephant gift exchange at the office (no– it’s not a pillow pet or bubbling fountain in case anyone I know is reading this).

The good news for me– I’m all done shopping for gifts!

Is The Pawn Shop The New Spot For Holiday Shopping?

Is The Pawn Shop The New Spot For Holiday Shopping? « CBS Detroit.

I found this article yesterday while browsing online.  I’m a big fan of shopping at the pawn shop.  A few years ago I found a beautiful ring at a pawn shop in the Midwest for $75– I wear it all the time and people have no idea this piece of jewelry came from a pawn shop.  (my little secret!)
Here is my “pawn shop ring”—



Spenders get thrifty for holiday shopping

Spenders get thrifty for holiday shopping.