Walgreens- another holiday shopping hot spot?!

Picture this– it’s 5:25pm on a Monday night and you receive a last minute text message from co-workers reminding you about the team “White Elephant” gift exchange at work the next day.  You’re stuck in traffic, it’s kinda rainy outside and you text back a real quick THX– then the panic sets in.  Where to stop for a quick gift??!!  (then you ask yourself– what am I gonna get?!?)


Then inspiration hits when you see the friendly flashy lights of your neighborhood Walgreens store.  (Walgreens– really?)  You think– hopefully it will be more than balloons and prescriptions.

Newsflash– there’s a serious amount of stuff in this place!  Bring on the White Elephant gift exchange.

  Water Bottles – $9.99  (under the $10 limit)

Nail polish– great gift if your team is mostly women

A gift basket of stuff in case anyone is sick

  Look– a little sock for your new iPhone (priceless)

  More gift ideas at the magic price range of $9.99

Mission accomplished– plenty of White Elephant type gifts in Walgreens. You are back in the car with the perfect gift (you imagine yourself getting to keep your own gift!).