My Fabulous CVS Drugstore Find!

Do you ever wake up in the morning with “raccoon eyes”? Eyes puffy and tired looking? Okay, I admit I’ve been there. I tried the obvious like getting more sleep and drinking more water but those were tiny fixes. At one point I was pretty sure I needed to schedule some time with the plastic surgeon!! (but how do you finance plastic surgery on a slim budget??)

Lucky me– I was out on a walk earlier this week and happened to stop by my local CVS drugstore for some retail therapy. As luck would have it I found a miracle in a tiny container– Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark-Circle Roller. I figured for $12 it was worth a try. Definitely fit into my thrift shopping mindset.

I’ve been using this for the past three days. All I can say is– amazing! It looks like I won’t have to schedule time with the surgeon for awhile.


CVS – Great place to go Christmas shopping!?

With a few random things left on my holiday shopping list– I found myself wandering the aisles of my neighborhood CVS store.  I had no idea you could get everything from a bubbling zen water fountain,  international calling cards, tissues, flip-flops– the possibilities seemed endless.  Usually I go to CVS on a mission– a quick trip for aspirin or gum or a magazine.  I never really thought about Christmas shopping there.  But— why not?!  Some other cool stuff I found– candles, hats & gloves (for the cold weather we’ve been having in San Diego) and pretty holiday decorations  and lights.

Lucky for me I found 2 cute mini-pillow pets for my nieces– a fluffy panda and a pink butterfly.   I also found a crazy gift for the white elephant gift exchange at the office (no– it’s not a pillow pet or bubbling fountain in case anyone I know is reading this).

The good news for me– I’m all done shopping for gifts!