What $33 Gets You at Old Navy

I’m supposed to be on a “shopping fast” right now. Yeah… about that… didn’t really go so well this weekend. Friday was the day of the flip-flops and yesterday was the day of $33 at Old Navy. Yes, you read that correctly– I spent approximately $33 at Old Navy and got 4 super cute items– a flirty summer dress, 2 basic t-shirts and a fabulous yellow recycling bag. And because I used my store credit card I saved 30% on my purchases which made the t-shirts ring up at the ridiculous price of $4 roughly. Of course, I went online right away and paid off the balance (wow, that took discipline!).

  • Old Navy
  • Fashion Valley Mall – San Diego
  • Phone: (619) 299-4329
  • Web: www.oldnavygap.com

I hadn’t been in an Old Navy store in a long time so just happened to browse thru for nothing more than a quick peek. I gravitated to the dresses where I was lucky enough to nab the last one in the particular style in my photo below– and it fit better yet! And, who doesn’t need a few cheap summer t-shirts?? In fact, I might go back for a few more. That chipper yellow recycling bag was just a wonderful “gift” and something I can use this summer. So much for the “shopping fast”– I’m hopeful this will be a better week… Cheers!