Recycled Handbags. “New” to me!

Are you feeling a little short on money? Feeling bored with what you see in your closet every morning? Tired of carrying that same boring handbag?


Hello Everyone! Believe me, I was feeling the exact same way– completely tired of everything in my closet. And especially bored with the handbag I’ve been carrying every single day for the past 3 months. It was my lucky day last Friday when I went to my mailbox and found a huge box filled with handbags— from my sister.  (Maybe she was reading my mind!?)

This gives a whole new meaning to the slogan “shopping in your own closet.” Pictured above is a cute Kate Spade bag with red handles which will be perfect to use on the weekend running errands. Its sturdy construction will hold up well for me since I tend to over-fill my handbag. (you guessed it, this is the one I’m using now)

Pictured below is a dark blue leather handbag from Banana Republic. This one should work well with jeans and sweaters in the Fall.  I usually like something a little more structured but since this one is a freebie I’m willing to think outside the box and give the “unstructured” look a try.


Passing things on we don’t use any longer is a great way to reduce, re-use and re-cycle.  Whether we pass items on to friends, family or co-workers it doesn’t matter.  Maybe that spare handbag gathering dust in your closet could be a treasure for someone you know.

Anyone else out there sharing clothes? Handbags? Furniture?  Let me know!

“My Sister’s Closet”- Recycled Designer Apparel

Having a bad day? Maybe a “recycled” Kate Spade bag or perhaps a pair of “new to you” Jimmy Choo heels might hit the spot? Tonite after work I stopped by My Sister’s Closet in the Costa Verde Shopping Center in San Diego’s UTC neighborhood. The windows were alive with colorful Spring looks and the designer handbags were amazing as always. I had to remind myself several times to “keep the credit card in the wallet.” (you have no idea how difficult this was!)

The shoes were divine– everything from Jimmy Choo to western boots to pink designer rain boots. Some pricey designer shoes and some of the $12.95 variety (pictured below). However, I was hugely disappointed tonite when I skimmed thru the skirts section because 2 skirts I had all scoped out were gone! Obviously, this goes to prove my new golden rule of thrift shopping– when you see it & you like it, you BUY it immediately. (the cute stuff goes fast!) So much for that other rule– that thing about keeping my credit card in my wallet…. Rules are (sometimes) meant to be broken….

I didn’t end up buying anything tonite. It was just a quick whirlwind of retail therapy being a looky-loo in the store. I did take a few photos of some “finds” in My Sister’s Closet. Probably the best thing I found tonite was the black heels $12.95. Too bad they were a Size 81/2 hiding in the Size 7 section. Being the typical female shoe shopper, I did try on the shoes even though they were the wrong size in the hopes they might fit (big surprise- they didn’t fit). Oh well– perhaps a Size 7 Jimmy Choo is in my future? Cheers– and happy shopping.

My Sister’s Closet

8610 Genesee Avenue #200

San Diego CA 92122

Phone: (858) 455-0045