Pirates, Jewelry & More. Bead Shop Hop 2012


Happy Saturday! Just wanted to share with everyone the great “loot” I collected last night participating in the Bead Shop Hop 2012.  The event was sponsored by the Southern California Local Bead Store Association.  For my part, I visited The Black Bead in Ocean Beach. They gave me a “passport” and it was time to get busy shopping!  As you can see,  I collected some amazing pendants while on tour.  The blue one pictured above is what I bought last night– $7.  (I’m using a black cord that I already had)


The Bead Shop Hop was over three consecutive weekends:  September 7 thru 9; September 14 thru 16; and September 21 thru 23. A total of 27 bead shops participated in the three southern California regions.  With only one day left, I’m not so sure if I’ll get to visit additional shops.

Rules: I got my “passport” stamped at my local bead shop The Black Bead in Ocean Beach and have to turn the document back in to them by Sunday night so they get credit for my visit. I was also entered into a drawing for a gift basket valued at $100.

Special perks: When I walked into The Black Bead I was greeted by some really cool “pirates” who helped me sign up for the free stuff and get the passport set up. I got a cute temporary tattoo (not so temporary as it turns out… one shower later and I’m still sporting my anchor “tattoo”….) and played a game where I drew a bead out of a bag to win a prize. I won a necklace fashioned out of small greenish/white beads that I hung on the rear-view mirror of my car (looks pretty cool).  One last thing, they were also giving away small charms– I picked out a tiny pirate chest charm.  It’s something I can either wear on a chain as a necklace or attach to a bracelet– I haven’t decided yet.

If I have time for another stop on the Bead Shop tour…. I’ll post a follow-up. This was a fun and relaxing end to my week.  Many thanks to the helpful “pirates” at The Black Bead in Ocean Beach who helped me shop!

Cheers– Jody




The Black Bead – Ocean Beach

The Black Bead

5003 Newport Avenue

San Diego, CA 92107



Recently I visited The Black Bead located in the Ocean Beach area of sunny San Diego.  What a fabulous surprise!  I was in the market for a funky necklace of some kind– and lucky for me The Black Bead did not disappoint.

When I first walked in, the kaleidoscope  of colors and shapes invited me to spend more time exploring the treasure within.

The cases were lined with partitioned trays of beads, the walls awash with pattern– and there were even some stunning beauties dangling above my head.

It didn’t take long for me to pick out a Rhodonite stone and a black leather cord.  The gal behind the counter helping me shop was kind enough to do some quick research on the healing properties of Rhodonite.  (FYI… The mineral name Rhodonite was named after the Greek word rhodon which means “rose”.  Physically, rhodonite is an excellent wound healer. Aside from supporting liver functions to stimulate detoxification, it works great in limiting the damage of wounds, from small cuts to deep cuts.  In addition, it is said to bring emotional balance and confidence to one’s life.)

A twenty-dollar bill later… and I was out the door in my funky & beautiful rhodonite necklace… feeling better than ever.  For sure– I’ll be back again!