Chuao Chocolatier – Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate??

Chuao Chocolatier

4465 La Jolla Village Drive

La Jolla, CA

Ph# 858-546-1463

Valentine’s Day is always a good excuse to make a run to the chocolate shop. After all– who doesn’t love chocolate? I have to admit I have a total sweet tooth. I have to remind myself to “move away from the candy” and not eat the entire container of candy in one sitting. (As we speak, I am writing this blog post while I stare longingly at a red heart box filled with candy….) I was kind of hoping I’d find a few “bad ones”— no such luck– they are ALL good!!

As if that isn’t bad enough tonite I went on a short walk after work and found myself wandering around in the mall. With candy on the brain I figured why not write my blog post about some kind of candy?? Ah… so that being said I walked with purpose into Chuao Chocolatier in the Westfield UTC Mall. Oh yummy– what a delicious place!

I found everything from a Spicy Maya Brownie mix ($12.95) to wine. Pretty cool they sell the wine too. There was a divine table set up at the entrance with roses, red gift boxes filled with candy and ornate cards. If you need a quick gift this would be a perfect place to stop off during a lunch break and/or right after work on the way home.

Happy Valentine’s Day! And happy shopping!