Swimsuit Shopping in December? Is this even possible?!

Tonite I find myself shopping for a swimsuit– online, of course. (No super well-lit fitting rooms for me!)  Especially since it’s December there are precious few swimsuits in the actual stores right now anyway.

Right now I’m searching the Victoria’s Secret website, Nordstrom website, and Spanx (yes, they make swim wear!).  So far, just a whole lotta shopping. With any luck at all I will be in the hot tub soon– in a new swim suit!  Readers– if you have suggestions on where to find cute styles in the middle of the winter, I am all ears.

Research shows that women struggle to find bathing suits that flatter (Big surprise).  According to ShopSmart magazine:
* The average woman owns 3 bathing suits. Compare that to 7 pairs of jeans and 17 pairs of shoes. (To say nothing of handbags.)
* On average, women pay $47 for a new suit.
* 31% of women say the most offensive swimsuits are those that are not age appropriate. Thongs are next, with 28% calling the dental-floss look offensive.
* 61% of women go swimsuit shopping alone.
* Bikinis are the least popular style overall, except for women age 18 to 34, who love their itsy bitsies.
* 33% like how they look in a suit; 18% don’t.