Alice Alfreda – A Resale Boutique

Oh wow… I found a really cute shop earlier this week in Point Loma. I was “wandering around” aimlessly in the neighborhood when I came across Alice Alfreda— I literally ran into it while driving. (No, I didn’t actually hit the building itself but I did hit the curb- another story, another time…)

  • Alice Alfreda – a resale boutique
  • 1255-102 Rosecrans Street
  • San Diego, CA 92106
  • Phone: (619) 549-8676

As you all know, I love finding resale shops and am always on the look-out for bargains. Alice Alfreda offers a carefully edited collection of gently used and new upscale clothing, shoes and accessories. I spotted a fantastic black Kate Spade bag hanging on the wall for a mere $45– and the bag was in perfect condition! The stuff here is great! It is a smaller shop which is fine as far as I’m concerned– easier to shop. I love handbags and shoes and the selection for both was excellent. Even with a small space everything was well-organized, neat and clean. I didn’t feel like I had to “dig” to find things. Better yet– the girl minding the shop for the owner was friendly and helpful. I will definitely be back again!




Affordables – Mason City, Iowa


315 N. Delaware Ave.

Mason City, Iowa

Phone# 641-423-7071

You gotta love Affordables in Mason City! I stop by this place every time I’m in town.  Affordables does restock over 300 different items daily and serves an average of 150 to 200 customers each day. For me during this trip, I saw some older style sweaters, holiday stuff (after all I was there during Christmas break), and there was some odd kitchen items. This trip I didn’t walk out with any purchases. But that’s okay since the fun of thrift shopping is the thrill of the hunt!

However, last year I walked out of Affordables with a fabulous jean jacket that I scored for a mere $5.00- how cool is that!!  That’s me wearing the $5 jacket. It’s so cute and I wear it all the time!


This shop sits near the North End in Mason City and all proceeds benefit the North Iowa Vocational Center.  Affordables is a resale shop that provides training and employment for people with disabilities.  The people working there are friendly and it’s just good karma to support their cause.  Last year the store contributed donations to 25 families and 2 agencies to help people who suffered losses from fires and natural disasters.

Bravo! I’ll be back the next time I’m in North Iowa!