Pepper Spray- ideal for terminating most any situation!

 Are you tired of being scared all the time?  Personally, I took action and now carry both pepper spray and a stun gun at all times. Read on…

Another Brave Woman Fends Off Robber With Pepper Spray

It was uneventful Monday in the Hewitt, TX hair salon when a would-be robber stormed in to rob the place. There is something pathetic and even pitiful in the very idea to rob a hair salon of all places. It could be that the noticeable desperation of this act empowered a customer, a brave woman, to pull out her pepper spray and gave the attacker a good deal of face spraying. From this point on, the robbery did not progress that well.
The “robber” wore a black ski mask, so only his eyes were exposed. However, some of the spray must’ve got stuck in the mask’s fibers and breathing through it surely hurt like hell. Disoriented and in pain, he left the hair salon hastily and a Pontiac Bonneville picked him up and drove away.
The Police came a tad later to take the eyewitness accounts and report the event.

Pepper Spray FoxLabs, oc spray, 2 oz, Stream spray pattern $23.95

This unit is a 2 oz FoxLabs pepper spray unit with the stream spraying pattern. When deployed, it shoots pepper solution in a stream.  (Pepper Spray Center also has a “cone-fog” spray pattern that FoxLabs recommend for civilian use).

The stream has longer range but requires better aiming than the cone-fog one does.

  • 2% pepper spray (OC) Concentration
  • 5,300,000 Scoville Heat Units (Extremely hot)
  • 2 oz (56 gram) canister
  • 4″ H x 1 3/8″ Diameter
  • 18 ½ sec. bursts
  • 19 feet (5.8 meter) range.

I love hiking and going on walks so a “hidden” pepper spray is always in my possession. There are a lot of weirdos out there and I’d rather be armed with some pepper spray or a stun gun in case I happen to run into a nut job when I’m out & about. I just feel safer with a small pepper spray on the key chain and a stun gun in my pocket.

Pepper Spray Center

Phone: (800) 344- 0650


I feel really lucky that I’ve kept in touch with The Pepper Spray Center.  I like to shop (of course- I write a blog about shopping!) and it’s a good idea to keep yourself safe while shopping.  You never know who or what might be lurking in that dark corner of the mall parking structure.  I like knowing I can zap the “bad guys” with my stun gun– or spray them in the face with a quick blast of pepper spray.