$7 Jeans–yessss!!

What could be better than a pair of fantastic $7 jeans? Maybe the good karma of knowing that I am “re-purposing” a perfectly good pair of jeans?? One less item in the landfill, right?


And I thought $9 jeans were a bargain!  Imagine my delight when I found the 30% off rack at My Sister’s Closet in San Diego’s UTC neighborhood and found a pair of jeans that fit.  (I hate buying jeans and usually end up trying on 30+ pair before I find something that I even remotely like– then there is the issue of me getting home and trying them on again and instantly regretting the purchase…. back to the store….)

Good news here I actually LIKE these jeans! There’s still a slight chance I will make them into shorties– stay tuned…

Happy Shopping everyone. And remember to stay “green” and reduce, re-use, recycle whenever you can.  Thrift shopping is a perfect way to accomplish all three.  Cheers!

Marc Jacobs bag at “My Sister’s Closet” in San Diego… 2nd Time is a Charm!

What could be better than scoring a dream handbag at a bargain price? (World peace, maybe. But the handbag is pretty awesome too)

My friend LD was at the right place at the right time- My Sister’s Closet in San Diego’s UTC neighborhood– when she scored this luscious Marc by Marc Jacobs designer handbag at the fabulous price of $295.  For sure, the second time is a charm!  Here’s the story… LD was strolling through My Sister’s Closet, near closing time and in search of a pair of jeans. Like any smart shopper, she cruised by the handbags to check out the scene.  She spotted the lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs dream handbag at the counter not even out on the floor yet. (right place, right time– bravo!)  Being the smart shopper, LD knew a good deal when she saw it– and in turn scored a fabulous bag!

  • My Sister’s Closet
  • 8610 Genesee Avenue #200
  • San Diego, CA 92122
  • Phone: (858) 455-0045
  • Web: www.mysisterscloset.com


This goes to show that by consistently “shopping” consignment shops and thrift stores you can score amazing deals.  This same handbag retails for about $428 at the local Mall.  (Wouldn’t you rather have an extra $133 in your pocket??)

My Sister’s Closet – NEW location in San Diego’s UTC area

My Sister’s Closet

8610 Genesee Ave #200

San Diego, CA 92122

This weekend I had the good fortune to find the newest location of “My Sister’s Closet” in my UTC neighborhood in San Diego.  I was out for a casual walk and some errands and came across this fabulous shop. When I walked in the door I was greeted by a beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag to my left and some stunning patterned wrap dresses in the center of the entrance.  This isn’t your typical thrift store– it’s well-organized and merchandised beautifully.  The handbags hugged the walls on strategically lit shelves and the shoes were nestled on neatly arranged racks & all arranged by size.

Did I mention this place is huge??  I think it was a former Circuit City store or something warehouse-y like that.  Huge!  There is tons of merchandise– everything from sweaters, jackets, formal attire, suits, dresses, work-out clothes, blouses, jeans (a great selection of jeans, by the way) and fur coats. Yes– I saw real fur coats– and plenty of super cute faux fur too.

The lovely ladies working behind the counter generously offered me a rolling cart to assist with my shopping.  Later, I did try on a few jackets in the well-lit and comfy dressing room area.  The best find for me this weekend— a cute jacket for $14.  Lucky for me this place is close to where I live– I can shop often!