Orange Possum – Hampton, IA – back again!

I love the Orange Possum in Hampton, Iowa! Tonite I wore the wispy gray wrap I purchased there in early January and just had to share. The weather here in San Diego has been slightly chilly and damp this weekend so my gray wrap from the Orange Possum was a perfect choice. I really like the lacy detail and the color is great with anything from a jean jacket to a t-shirt. I admit, this scarf is probably more well-suited to my California climate right now– I hear it’s super cold in Iowa right now. Stay warm– and shop at Orange Possum. It’s a fun place!

Orange Possum

12 1st Street Northwest

Hampton, Iowa 50441



The Orange Possum – Hampton, Iowa

The Orange Possum

12 – 1st Street NW

Hampton, Iowa

Ph# 641-456-4777

Here I am– still in Hampton, Iowa. My actual first stop during the Hampton trip was a place called The Orange Possum. Kind of a quirky name for a shop and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The store offers an eclectic mix of clothing, jewelry, handbags, scarves and funny little gifts– you get the idea.

And, the prices are definitely right– I managed to get out of there for well under $50. (Perfect for someone like me with a semi-smoldering Visa card)

After thoroughly scanning the racks, I just had to buy something. I settled on a funky bling-bling belt and a gray lace trimmed scarf. As far as the belt I wore that right away much to the dismay of the TSA when I went thru airport security oh well– it sure did look cute!

Never been under that famous striped awning?? Take my advice, if you ever find yourself in Hampton Iowa let Mr. Orange Possum greet you with a whip of his tail. For sure I will be back the next time I’m in Iowa!


Merry Bees – Hampton, Iowa

Merry Bees

117 1st Street NW

Hampton, Iowa

Ph# 641-456-2141

While in North Iowa recently I took a road trip to Hampton, Iowa. I wasn’t sure what to expect when my friend suggested we visit some of the small shops located here– after all it had been 15+ years since I had even travelled southbound on Highway 65. Curiosity got the best of me and off we went.

Merry Bees was fabulous! This place smelled delicious the moment I walked through the door. Even though it was a few days post-Christmas the holiday decorations were still up and looked amazing. Especially the trees with twinkling white lights.

I found some beautiful scarves, books, Burts Bees products and top of the line kitchen items all merchandised in an organized manner.

Lunch is served here from 11 am to 2 pm and it looks like you can also get a quick coffee or snack anytime.

Cute shop and a fun stop while in Hampton. (Sounds like Michele Bachmann liked it too as she made a stop there pre-Iowa Caucus)