Bluestocking Books – San Diego – open 7 days!

Welcome to Bluestocking Books! For 44 years the 3817 5th Avenue address in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood has been home to independent bookseller Bluestocking Books. Open seven days a week, they stock used as well as new titles. I also found “bookish” gifts, stationery and magazines. Customers may trade used books for store credit towards a discount at the register. And– they are willing to Special Order also.

“What you don’t know would make a great book” –Sidney Smith

Bluestocking Books

3817 5th Avenue

San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: (619) 296-1424

This store was a total delight and a real treat. In a way, it was like stepping back in time. Everything from the fully stocked shelves floor to ceiling to the wooden chairs strategically placed. The contentment of reading has been around for centuries and seems to be alive and well in the modern world too courtesy of local Bluestocking Books. However, the fact remains we cannot simply love our friendly little shops and bookstores, we must also purchase things in them. Money does not make the world go around: it creates stability by paying employees, landlords & vendors. Bottom line- visit Bluestocking Books for the charming ambience and be sure to spend a few bucks while you’re there. (I noticed they have a wonderful website as well!) Cheers and Happy Reading!



eCosway – Color Your World – Fine Products at Fair Prices

eCosway offers the worlds finest products at fair prices. While browsing in Hillcrest this weekend I found the local eCosway retail store. What a fabulous surprise! I knew nothing about this product line and was excited to hear about the yummy smelling laundry soap ringing up under $6 and the exceptional organic foods. eCosway (launched in 2002) is a rapidly growing international company with headquarters in the prestigious golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and thousands of Sales Centers located throughout Asia, Australia, UK and US.

eCosway stores are easily accessible and usually placed in high-density residential areas, supermarkets and shopping malls with heavy foot traffic. eCosway sells a wide range of exclusive, quality products carefully sourced from established manufacturers and researchers from all over the world. They keep abreast of trends and come up with new and exciting products to give clients the best products.


1295 University Ave.

San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: (619)295-3900

Bottom line– this is a great place to stop- whether you are looking for a chocolate bar or a mini-microwave cooker or some laundry soap. Something for everyone! My fave– Laundry Soap. Cheers and happy shopping!