Thrift Shopping for Men… Look what $5 gets you!

Hey, check it out! I found another place where you can find quality thrift items for the man in your life.  Jeans, belts, button down shirts… all good finds and in decent condition. Better yet everything in the Thrift Trader is $5.99 or 4/$20.


Mind you, I’ve been to the “clearance” store for this shop where everything is priced $2. Not that paying $5 is really anything to complain about!  Luckily, I was at the Ocean Beach location for Thrift Trader and only two doors down from the “clearance” store called 2Dollar Thrill.


And, for the ladies reading this post– here is a cute $5 dress I found. It seems a little on the sheer side and a bit on the shortie side so I would likely wear a tank top under this and wear it with jeans– due to my advanced age 🙂

Cheers and Happy Saturday!  xoxo