DIY – Wooden Cigar Box Transforms into Jewelry Box

Do you have too much jewelry and not an organized place to keep it all? I found myself in a similar situation– jewelry stashed in random places to the point I had to “search” for what I wanted to wear. Well, I came up with a stylish DIY project last weekend while strolling thru Kobey’s Swap Meet in the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego.

Tucked in the midst of random odd household items I found the I Liquidate table featuring some fantastic cigar boxes. You read that right– cigar boxes. I purchased a total of 3 wooden cigar boxes and the owner threw in a freebie– I spent $10. I figured this would be an excellent was to re-use something that might be thrown in the trash. The boxes were surprisingly sturdy and of good quality.

I Liquidate (“you call, we haul”)

Ramona, CA 92065

Phone: (619) 770-9921

The stack of boxes looks really cute tucked in my living room cabinet. I secured some felt to line the boxes (price: Free) so my jewelry will be protected. This was a super quick & easy project. It took maybe 30 minutes to line the boxes with the felt. Probably the biggest time-consuming part of the whole thing was deciding which jewelry would be placed in which box (decisions!).