Bella Moda Boutiques. More shopping in beautiful Encinitas


Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!  A few weeks ago I visited Bella Moda Boutique is Encinitas– I know, I’m a little late getting this post out. As you can see, lots of great clothes in a cozy location.  I actually visited this particular shop with my 17-year old son in tow.  While I was gushing over the scarves, earrings and handbags– my son was looking for the exit.  (I did my best to make it a quick trip…)


I like the flowers- pictured above– and especially this bright scarf pictured below.  (I’m trying to stop myself from wearing so much black)

I didn’t end up buying anything but will likely go back for a repeat visit– this time for some serious shopping and trying-on.


Located in The Lumberyard Shopping Center in Encinitas,  Bella Moda offers the latest trends from dozens of designer brands, many exclusively from Los Angeles, including Hudson, Joe’s Jeans, Tag, Ed Hardy and True Religion. You can schedule an after-hours appointment and gift certificates are available.

  • Bella Moda Boutiques
  • 967 S. Coast Highway 101
  • Encinitas, CA  92024
  • Phone: (760) 479-9879
  • Web:


Here’s a picture of all the scarves I was talking about. Lots of different styles for sure.

deepFling. Scandinavian Jewelry & Design


“Keep Leucadia Funky”— I saw this on a bumper sticker recently and it reminded me of a recent jaunt up to Encinitas. For some reason I always end up near The Lumberyard. Originally in search of an iced coffee drink I somehow found myself in deepFling browsing the jewelry.  This shop has roots in Sweden which has special meaning for me since my son is now living in Sweden.  I can definitely appreciate the quality of the pieces I found.  Ah, the handbags…. divine!


I found the quote below on the deepFLING website and couldn’t resist sharing it because it truly captures the essence of this shop. The shop exudes peace and tranquility (I got “lost” searching for jewelry and completely forgot about getting an iced coffee– this is not like me!).

About deepFLING

(dēp) To a great depth; deeply (fling) a brief period of indulging one’s impulses.
“That’s what we want each customer to feel as they visit our store; to browse the most exciting and desirable brands from Scandinavia and with our low pressure approach, they can take as long as they want to touch and try on all the different styles.” -Malin Lövqvist Doyle

Oh, and the jewelry…. wow.  I have blue eyes and love wearing blues in scarves and necklaces– so naturally I was drawn to the pieces pictured here.


I took quite a lot of photos so it was a difficult choice which ones to post tonite!  I really liked the handbag pictured below as well. (Do you notice a pattern here–ha– me and handbags…. you can never have enough….)


Soulscape. Discover your soul


I’ve been finding that Encinitas is a great place to “discover your soul.”  Lots of pretty beaches and many places to meditate after a long day at the office. I’d been looking for one of those Himalayan salt lamps for quite a while and lucky me– I found one at a shop called Soulscape in Encinitas.

About these salt lamps: Himalayan Salt Lamps use a low-wattage light bulb to disburse negative ions emanating from the salt crystals. Place a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your bedroom to help clear sinuses during the night when the body is most relaxed and receptive and to help  intensify your sleep experience.  Install  one in the room where you relax — family room, living room, den–to freshen  the air and make time at home more pleasurable. Enjoy  reduced fatigue–especially during that 3 p.m. slump–by putting a Himalayan  Salt Lamp to work in your office. You’ll transform the air you breath and reduce the amount of electro-magnetic pollution you absorb from office equipment.

Yeah– I love my new salt lamp! I have it near my desk/sleeping area so it also kinda doubles as a “night-light” (bear in mind that I live in a studio apartment).  I can’t confirm that my salt lamp has made me any healthier but it has a nice glow in the evenings especially now with the days getting shorter– and oh by the way– I’m one of the few people I know who hasn’t gotten the summer cold being passed around at my office recently.  Shine on Himalayan Salt Lamp!


Grounded- one of my favorite stops in Encinitas


Hello Friends. Hope everyone got a great start to the week. One day down, four to go until Friday (did I really just say that?).  Just wanted to share one of my favorite shops in Encinitas. I love Grounded for the pretty displays and welcoming atmosphere. Last year I got my sister a tin spinny thing for her garden– you know, one of those things that kinda looks like a pin wheel?


This past weekend I visited the shop and found colorful patio stuff and the bright lunch box pictured above. What a fun way to make lunch from home exciting! If I remember right this was priced in the $21 range.


More displays– obviously I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures. If you want to see for yourself:

  • Grounded
  • 897S. Coast Highway #105
  • Encinitas, CA  92024
  • Phone: (760)230-1563
  • Web:


Flashbacks Recycled Fashions – Hillcrest

Flashbacks is diverse and extremely reasonable with their prices.  They have a fantastic selection of pre-owned and “NEW” retro clothing. There seriously is something for everyone. Fun place to shop, helpful staff and prices were right on the money. A lot of unique & funky stuff. They have everything! Belts, sunglasses, wigs, tutus, clothes, shoes, & jewelry. (It’s fun to just kinda look around in there.) I’ve been here 2 times in the last 6 months and it was a total blast!  No, I didn’t buy a tutu. But did find several jackets and some funky bracelets.

Just so you know they offer cash for clothes too. Buy, Sell, Trade. Bring in some of your “old” things and trade in for something fresh at Flashbacks. From what I understand they are very fair with their exchanges/trades.

Flashbacks Recycled Fashions

3849 5th Avenue

San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: (619) 291-4200

Flashbacks is an eclectic mix of old and new. Some old, and some brand new stuff— tights, 80’s wear, platform shoes and everything in excellent condition, and the best news of all it doesn’t smell yucky! I know it’s the “second time around” but it’s important to me to smell yummy. Bravo on some fabulous recycled fashions. Here’s a few photos:




Flashbacks-576 S. Coast Hwy 101-Encinitas, CA-92024

Flashbacks-576 S. Coast Hwy 101-Encinitas, CA 92024-      Ph# (760)632-2658   Hours: Mon thru Sat 10a-8p; Sun 10a-7p


This store was super fabulous. It was packed with merchandise and packed with shoppers.  They have everything from pleather jackets, orange wigs, white platform boots to dresses and cute tops. Everything was nicely colorized on the racks and split up by type- jackets together, tops together, etc.  They had a decent selection of handbags, belts and accessories as well.  There is so much to choose from– you could outfit yourself for every occasion from casual date night to Halloween costume.  The staff was helpful and chatty.  This was a great stop and definitely a good place to stop by for a fun purchase.

Thrifty Threads-607 S. Coast Hwy 101-Encinitas, CA 92024

Thrifty  Threads- 607 S. Coast Hwy 101-Encinitas, CA 92024- (760)753-0028

The place is quirky and cool– it was busy with customers and people were buying things which says a lot about a thrift store.

Thrifty Threads is tucked away in a small strip of shops along Highway 101 in Encinitas.  When I walked in I was greeted by Susan  and Wilma– who were happily chatting with customers while hanging clothes and helping people check out.  The store is definitely small. It’s one of those places where you have to dig around to find stuff but may find the diamond in the rough. I found a cute  handbag that would be perfect to use as a weekend tote.  It was black suede with silver buckles and a sturdy handle– priced at $15. I’m just sorry I didn’t take a photo!  This place also seemed to have a decent selection of men’s items- in particular Hawaiian shirts, surf type gear and all kinds of hats.

Wilma and Susan told me they are going green and have made the decision not to give out shopping bags.  They also don’t give out business cards– when I asked for one they “made” it out of a purple sticky note.  When I asked about a website I was directed to Yelp.  Overall-  it was a fun stop.


Double Take-509 S. Coast Hwy 101-Encinitas, CA 92024

Double Take-509 S. Coast Hwy 101-Encinitas, CA 92024-(760)479-2501

Double Take offers fashionable ladies consignment clothing.  I was impressed with the selection of items- in particular the assortment of cute dresses.  I tried on 3 dresses but didn’t end up buying anything. The fitting room was a bit of a peep show like experience though– with leopard print curtains that barely closed.  Overall, the shop was clean and organized.

They had a good rack of “sale” items as well– jackets, tops and pants.  The stuff was cute and wearable.

Ecotopiia- 543 S Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas CA 92024

Ecotopiia– 543 S. Coast Hwy 101–Encinitas, CA 92024-(760)753-7420


One of my favorite stops in Encinitas this afternoon was the Ecotopiia store located at 543 S. Coast Hwy 101.  I stopped in more out of curiosity than anything else– I was not planning to buy anything. To my surprise and delight I found hand painted greeting cards, soothing natural lotions and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  There is a station in the back of the store where you can actually refill your existing containers w/ product– this is awesome and earth-friendly!  This store has a little bit of everything–  cute fur-lined jackets, yoga pants, water bottles.  They also had this little kit with fork/knife/spoon/chopsticks that would be great to carry around in a backpack for eating on the run.

A pleasant side note– the person who assisted me with my purchase was interesting and chatty.

The best thing I found– and purchased– was a set of Indra Chopsticks in a blue Hemp holder for $5.50.

Encinitas, California

I had a great time shopping in Encinitas this afternoon!