Happy 2015: A New Beginning for Thrift Shopping Buzz

Hello Everyone,

Why am I here? For the past few years my blog has been a mash-up of DIY projects, thrift shopping tips, frugal lifestyle stories and actual thrift store reviews.  This year, I would like to “find my voice” and move forward in a more organized fashion with this blog. I enjoy writing and I really love the shopping process. The problem with all this– I like to save money too.

What I believe in:  reduce/reuse/recycle; a clutter-free home; the one in/one out rule; don’t buy new if you can fix the old item; shopping in a thrift store or vintage shop is a lot more fun than a fancy department store; shop local whenever possible; the “tiny house” movement– and last but not least– never be too busy to catch a beautiful sunset at the beach.

About me: I live in sunny San Diego, California- blogging evenings and weekends — desk job during the day.  My son is 19 years old now and living in Sweden. Seems like yesterday he was in 1st grade and playing four-square on the playground.

Happy New Year to all my readers– I’m looking forward to a fabulous 2015!!

— Jody😄

Published by

Jody Thompson

I'm going to blog about my many shopping escapades. Whether it is a used book store, a thrift shop or a consignment shop-- I'm here to tell all about my experiences. When I find great stuff-- I'll let you know. I'm sending good karma to all the thrifty shoppers out there!

3 thoughts on “Happy 2015: A New Beginning for Thrift Shopping Buzz”

  1. Hi from windy bay area! I love your blog tagline. It really explains what your blog is going to be able 🙂 But I have a suggestion..maybe, “One thrift shop at a time”.

    1. Hello– I love your suggestion! I actually ended up adding “One store at a time” along w/ my original tag line. I’m still kind of playing w/ title and tag line– great suggestion!!

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