Like New… previously loved and new clothes

Earlier this week after a quick round of errands I stopped by my fave consignment shop on Genesee Avenue in San Diego. I’m seriously in search of spring and summer dresses and figured I’d see if it was my lucky day.

  • Like New – a tres chic consignment boutique
  • 4425 Genesee Avenue
  • San Diego, CA 92117
  • Phone: (858) 278-1960
  • Web:

The racks were overflowing with cute dresses in a variety of sizes and colors. I found a flirty Jason Wu for Target dress $14.95 that I really liked– unfortunately it was a shade too small. There’s always next time, right? I also found some super amazing high heel sandals Size 8 that would be perfect with jeans $22.95. The shoes were a size too big for me. (I’m sounding like the Three Bears of Shopping– this one’s too small, this one’s too big….) Sometimes it’s the thrill of the hunt and just shopping and trying things on is one step closer to finding what I want.

I always stop by Like New when I’m in the area. The stock rotates frequently and there’s always a rack or two of sale items out front.

Right now– all I can think about is those black heels in Size 8. (I’m probably the only woman alive who wishes she wore a larger shoe size!)



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Jody Thompson

I'm going to blog about my many shopping escapades. Whether it is a used book store, a thrift shop or a consignment shop-- I'm here to tell all about my experiences. When I find great stuff-- I'll let you know. I'm sending good karma to all the thrifty shoppers out there!

6 thoughts on “Like New… previously loved and new clothes”

  1. Here’s the thing: Everything in a consignment shop is too small. (OK, maybe the shoes were an exception but….) People take clothes to a consignment shop because they outgrow them. They get too fat for them. Nobody sells there clothes that are too big for them (because they know down deep inside that there is a pretty good chance that they will grow back into them again some time in the future).

    If you are a size six, you will find amazing stuff in a consignment store. If you are a size 14 or 16, you can forget it. Bummer!

    Kay in Hawaii
    (not telling my size)

    1. Kay- actually I am a size 6 and I’ve been having a semi-difficult time finding things that fit! The clothes are either a size 2 or a 4– or else a size 10 or 12. And forget about shoes– I wear a size 7 shoe which is supposedly the average size for a woman and it seems like my size is always sold out.

      Most important– who cares about the number/size on the tag anyway? I’m 45 and at that point in my life that I just want to “own it and roll with it.” Oh wow– looks like I’ve addmitted to lots of numbers here– shoe size, dress size and age. (Yikes!)

      I have a good number of readers and friends who all tell me they wish there was such a thing as a Plus size thrift store. It’s beginning to make me wonder if I shouldn’t open one myself!!

      I’ve been trying to be more watchful and notice when I see a good selection of Plus sizes in the shops I visit. “Like New” does have larger sizes available and a pretty good selection of larger sizes too. When I was there I took a photo of a pretty red dress but didn’t end up using for this particular post b/c it didn’t fit in with the flow of what I ended up writing.

      You’ve got me thinking… where are the cute Plus size thrift stores/clothes hiding??

      I’m on the look-out!

  2. I hope you got the heels! They look like they can be worn with anything. 🙂

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