CupCase Your Bra

CupCase Your Bras™ is a stylish protective travel and storage case for your bras.  Protect your bras from crimping, crushing and creasing while you travel with CupCase.  Bras have evolved from providing function to delivering high fashion.  Price increases for these beautiful undergarments necessitate a greater need to protect them while you travel. CupCase Your Bras™ “butterflies-open” with one easy zip and stores up to three bras with additional safe storage for hair ties, jewelry, and other small accessories.  Choose from Hot Pink, Pretty Purple, Spot on Leopard or Charming Cheetah.

Charming Cheetah – $19.95

This has got to be the most awesome invention ever!  How many times have you travelled and had to crush your bras and panties into your suitcase- all the time hoping during the airport process your undergarments would remain intact in your bag?!   (this was my dilemma over Christmas break last year…)  This case holds not only your bra but also other tiny essentials like hair accessories and bracelets.  Seems like it might be good for swimwear too. Spring break travels?

Seriously, I know nothing about this product until I connected w/ them on my Twitter account. Like I said, I wish I had the CupCase the last time I travelled.  I hate the idea of my bras and accessories crushed in my suitcase.  Next time I’ll travel with CupCase!

CupCase Your Bras™

Founder: Erin Wilson 
Phone: 317-870-1978


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8 thoughts on “CupCase Your Bra”

  1. Maybe I’m oversharing here, but I honestly haven’t worn a bra since 1965. I find them uncomfortable. Like having a strap around my chest. Yuk! For those who do, I guess this is an exciting thing. But for me, the answer to your question, “How many times have you travelled and had to crush your bras…. into your suitcase?” the answer is never. I highly recommend it.

    Also, I wad my panties up and stuff them into my shoes so that they don’t take up any extra space. This way I never have to go searching through my suitcase looking for pants. They’re right inside my shoes. I highly recommend this practice also.

    The things you learn while blogging…….

    Kay in Hawaii

    1. I actually laughed out loud when I read your comment. I used to work at Victoria’s Secret so I have lots of bras- ha. One of the fringe benefits of that job. That being said, I do agree that not wearing a bra on occasion is very freeing. Cheers!

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