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Have you ever felt like someone was following you? Seen the same car a few too many times? Tird of feeling scared and powerless?

Typically I write about shopping for great deals on clothes or home items but today wanted to get some good information out to my readers on self-protection– while still  staying true to my “thrift shopping” theme. I’m planning to touch on this self-protection them periodically as I feel it’s an important topic.  I recently came across a statistic saying that 75% of stalking victims know their stalker!! (It’s not always “stranger danger” out there)

I found a well-stocked source of “tools” to help anyone feel a little bit safer.   The Pepper Spray Center is a great site to shop for stun guns, pepper spray and home protection items.

How would you feel if this happened to you??

March 3, 2011. Derry, New Hampshire Police reported that another store robbery was thwarted by simple pepper spray.
A man walked into convenient store in Derry, NH and demanded cash from the store owner. The store owner sprayed the would-be robber in the face with pepper spray instead.

What happened next illustrates how pepper spray affects people’s physiology, reflexes and behavior. The store owner was able to contact police and give a description of the robber and vehicle used.  So you see– a simple tool like pepper spray seriously disoriented this would-be robber.

Here you have it:
When hit with pepper spray a person is seriously disoriented:
– it’s hard to open the eyes, it’s hard to see what’s around, some report nearly complete blackout;
– it’s hard to breathe, pepper spray dilates membranes in nasal passages that may restrict air flow into the lungs;
– sharp acute pain does not allow to concentrate on anything, everything is burning and demands immediate relief as first priority.

Check out this fabulous self-protection tool I found at

Pepper Blaster II, Kimber Pepper Spray Gun, Guardian Angel - Click Image to Close

Pepper Blaster II, Kimber Pepper Spray Guardian Angel $38.97 (27% off)

This item is available in Red or Gray (pictured).

The Pepper Blaster shoots pepper spray (actually pepper gel) towards the attacker using its own drive. Women love it!  Because the shot is so quick it is impossible for the aggressor to dodge it or block it.  It is impossible to run away.

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