Efficiency Rules: Quick Holiday Shopping Tips

Okay, so you’ve had 11 months to plan for it– but doesn’t Christmas just seem to sneak up on everyone?  Who is ever ready? Here are a few quick tips to be ready for any gift-giving event!

Makes Lists & Plan Ahead
Planning ahead allows you to avoid last-minute desperation. Buy online early to take advantage of free shipping offers too. No one likes having to pay the extra cost for overnight delivery.  Check with merchants as some sites offer pre-orders.
Know Your Shipping Deadlines
December 17th is usually the cut off for standard shipping, to be safe, try to get gifts ordered by December 10th.
Secure Shopping Online
Always take extra care to know you are shopping on a secure site that encrypts transaction information. When asked to enter credit card information, look for “https://” at the beginning of the website URL. The “s” indicates that the information being transmitted is encrypted for privacy. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer will have a lock icon or symbol to indicate that the website is secure.
Be careful when answering emails asking for personal information. Most merchants have a policy of never asking for personal or credit card information in an email as this is a method of fraud known as phishing.   Always email or call the merchant directly if you think an email that you received is an attempt at phishing.
Emailable Gifts
Many merchants now offer an emailable gift option that sends a redemption code directly to the recipients inbox. The recipient can then use the code to shop at the merchant’s online store. The benefit of emailable gifts–  they are delivered instantly!  They have become a perfect last-minute gift option in recent years.
Buy Extra Gifts
Don’t be caught empty-handed. Keep gifts ready for that unexpected visitor or guest who brings you something.  And for that party you didn’t plan to attend, have a few hostess gifts wrapped and ready in a pinch.

Published by

Jody Thompson

I'm going to blog about my many shopping escapades. Whether it is a used book store, a thrift shop or a consignment shop-- I'm here to tell all about my experiences. When I find great stuff-- I'll let you know. I'm sending good karma to all the thrifty shoppers out there!

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