Easy Ways to Sprinkle Good Karma & Help Others

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama

  • Smile. Sometimes a simple thing like this can put a warm feeling in someone else’s heart, and make their day better.
  • Volunteer. Volunteering is one of the most amazing things you can do.  I volunteer at a local museum and my Saturday mornings there are the highlight of my week!
  • Donate something you no longer use. Or a whole box of somethings. Others can put your clutter to good use.  I recently donated several boxes of my son’s toys to our neighborhood after school program.
  • Stop to help. The next time you see someone pulled over with a flat tire, or somehow in need of help ask how you can assist.
  • Teach. Take the time to teach someone a skill you know. This could be as simple as teaching your grandma to use email.
  • Buy food for a homeless person. Buying a sandwich and chips or something like that is a good gesture. Be respectful and friendly.
  • Lend your ear. Often someone who is depressed or angry needs someone who will listen. Venting and talking through issues is always helpful.
  • Help someone get active. A person in your life who wants to get healthy might need a helping hand — offer to go walking or join the gym.  A group of us at the office go on a 30 minute walk during our lunch. It’s a great time to get active and also talk about how the day is going.
  • Send a nice email.  A simple note telling someone how much you appreciate them is the ultimate in sprinkling good karma!  Praising someone on a blog, in front of coworkers or in some other public way is a nice way to make them feel good about themselves.  (it’s never fun to be thrown under the bus!)
  • Donate food. Either clean out your cupboard or buy a couple bags of groceries– and donate them to a homeless shelter.
  • Be there. When someone you know is in need just be there. Talk. Help if you can.


About Jody Thompson

I'm going to blog about my many shopping escapades. Whether it is a used book store, a thrift shop or a consignment shop-- I'm here to tell all about my experiences. When I find great stuff-- I'll let you know. I'm sending good karma to all the thrifty shoppers out there!
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