How to Shop With Little or No Money

How to Shop With Little or No Money

from wikiHow

Shopping is fun. Shopping with little to no money doesn’t sound fun, but it can be!


  1. Wear comfortable shoes and easy on/off clothes the morning of your designated shopping trip(as you will be trying on things), and also do your hair and makeup like you would normally do when going out (so when you try on things you’ll look your best in them) and don’t bring your life savings.
  2. Bring the minimal money (just enough for food or gas is good) and MAYBE enough for that perfect dress. If you have no money whatsoever, eat at home, bring snacks and water, or stay home. And pack your self-control.
  3. Make a mental or physical list of stores you want to go to and things you want to buy.
  4. Go directly to the stores you want to when you get to the mall/shopping center. Pick up whatever you like and try it on. Pick up things you weren’t sure would look good on you, or things you normally think are too expensive. Choose whatever! and try it on!
  5. Try to make outfits in the fitting room or as you shop.
  6. Tell the lady in the fitting room that you didn’t like anything (or if you have a lot and are too embarrassed, leave some with her and take some with you, then as you continue to “look around” the store casually hang up the rest).
  7. Repeat those steps for the rest of the stores you want to go to.
  8. Stop for food/water at some point since you may want to rest a bit.


  • Steps 3-5 apply to shoes as well. I love shoes and a lot of the time I try on ones I like but that aren’t practical or are too expensive.
  • In addition to your usual stores, go to places you’d like to go to but never would if you had money and were shopping, whether the reason is it’s too expensive, it’s super trendy, etc. Just have fun!
  • The beauty of window shopping is that you don’t feel as restricted as you do when you are shopping with money. When you have money, you only go to your usual stores and probably buy what you’d normally buy, but this gives you more options.
  • If the window shopping feels weird or slightly depressing, just think of it as a day of exploring, finding what looks good on you, discovering new trends and stores and passing some time while filling up your need to shop.
  • If you have had a successful day at getting barely anything or nothing, run out the mall quick, ignore big red “sale” signs everywhere and “buy one get one free” and “everything must go!” and “great deals, today only!”: it’s a lie! They WILL have other sales! so get out while you still have some dignity.
  • Sometimes you’ll see a great item on sale and have just enough to buy it if you downsize lunch or skip it. DON’T DO IT. When you see that item STOP AND THINK: “do I really NEED this or do I just want it because it’s cute/on sale?” “do I already own more than one thing that will go with this?” (if there’s more than one in your size: “I’ll come back and buy it when I have more money” (if not):”I’ll put it on hold as long as possible (if possible)” (if not)”ooh let me hide it with these items” BUT if you NEED it and have been looking for this quality item for months or have been waiting for it to go on sale and have so many big outfit plans for it, get it! hopefully you have eaten already. If not, grab a snack and afterward go home!

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